Clairy Browne @ Magic Mirror Spiegeltent, Adelaide 21/2/207

Clairy Browne released her latest album Pool last year and this is the first time Adelaide got to hear this excellent album. Although there was only Clairy,  her one back up singer, Chelsea and Gabriel on sequencers and keyboards and Aidan on drums the band filled the room as well as her previous band that had double the members.For her latest album and this concert Clairy has reinvented herself from bluesy soul to Beyonce like pop R & B and has moved from sassy to sexy.

Just like Bjork divorced herself from the Sugarcubes after she released her solo album, Clairy too played every song from the Pool album as well as one new unrecorded track and no old songs which was a bold move. Clairy was very proud to tell us that she had written the whole album herself. This was an electric performance by Clairy and her tight band. Her harmonising with Chelsea was a highlight. The live versions of the songs where faithful to the album and Clairy’s voice had both power and tenderness.  My personal highlights were the songs Love Song to the World and Califalling For You with there wonderful sing-along chorus’s

The venue was the best Spiegeltent I have been to as the stage is high enough for everyone to see and it included a cat walk which Clairy used to great effect on occasion. I look forward to seeing Olympia in the same venue next week.

The crowd was different from who would have turned up at Jive Show as this was a Fringe show and the older audience were hard to budge from their seats. Sadly for the music industry a lot of people in Adelaide only come out to see live music during the Fringe.

Do yourself the proverbial favour and have a listen to the album and go see Clairy if and when she returns to Adelaide

Set list

Birthday Suit
Love Song to the World
With You
Califalling for You
Still Goodbye
Something Different
Killem With It
Where Do I Begin (new song)
Vanity Fair

Review by Richard De Pizzol 

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