Super American Eagle Go Track By Track On Their Debut Album

On their eponymous debut, Naarm power psych trio Super American Eagle deliver manna for heavy rock fans craving ergine detours into noise, psych and sludgy dank, herbal grooves.

A union delivered via chance, Brent DeBoer of The Dandy Warhols, Dave Mudie from the Courtney Barnett band and Bob Harrow of Immigrant Union, played an impromptu Immigrant Union NYC show as a three-piece. That night the chemistry was undeniable and so Super American Eagle took flight.

Known for the individual talents they bring to other’s bands, the trio take control of the destination, revelling in the creative liberty that beats at the heart of the project. From a lightening moment of musical connection Super American Eagle have built a thrilling, fuzz-filtered debut of urgent and essential psych and super heavy rock vibes.

The driving Yes opens the album and signals Super American Eagle’s intent. The super taught, pocket hugging groove reflect the collaborative process in which the song was created. The band explain that Yes came together in a simultaneous burst of creativity, the song arriving fully formed. “You know how like U2 and Coldplay credit the entire band as writing the songs together we reckon that’s bullshit sometimes…but who knows maybe it’s not…”

Shit’s A Thing
Shit’s A Thing shifts things up a gear in tempo as breakneck drums clip the faders and the band bounce in unison on the grove, it’s a careful what you wish for scenario, cautioning a prospective partner, “that they might wanna have a think about sticking with you cause if they do…well shit, they might end up like you.”

Short and sharp Payroll delivers its barbed ode to the feeling of relegation, both financially and emotionally, to the role of neglected dependent in under three minutes. Mudie explains that Payroll was written about, “being stuck in a dead-end job or relationship and no one gives a shit about you”.

Gone is a day-trippin’ fuzz excursion into the ether, it’s a palpable disconcert in the dying embers of a relationship, Harrow offers, “it’s about breaking up or just generally feeling weird about anything, things in life not feeling the same. Maybe kinda like when Bob Dylan says ‘…something is happening, but you don’t know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones’”?

God is nuggets style garage via a 69 West Coast lysergic haze, Harrow explains that, “it’s about being alone but not necessarily lonely. It’s called God cause the chorus “I am alone for everyone” reminded me of the whole biblical thing of Jesus dying for everyone… I’m not dying but I am alone.”

Youf Uck
The saturated filth of Youf Uck spits venom Al Jorgenson style, the relentless hammering riff becomes hypnotic. The song speaks to “that really annoying thing where someone you find very attractive gets progressively more and more drunk over the course of an evening and ends up berating you to the point you don’t even want to look at them anymore, let alone sleep with them”.

Mark Of The Beast
The ultra sludge stoner rock of Mark of The Beast comes across like The Melvins on heavy edibles as the densest of riffs grinds beneath the song, its sheer weight swaying the ensemble like some irresistible gravitational force. The band agree that the song is about, “the people who fought and literally died for freedom only to have their dumb ass grandchildren to hand it back for free”.

100 Times
The heavy Zeppelin vibes of 100 Times again showing the sympatico between players as the groves again seems to come so effortlessly. “It’s about the push and pull of things, SAE offer, “100 times gave you away, 100 times made you stay.”

Tramplin offers detours as acoustic guitars feature as a first for the album, 60’s inspired power pop with some intelligent and unexpected changes that sweeten the deal even further. The song is explained as being about, “the dying embers of a relationship.”

The album departs with the peak trip of Mac, deep fried in acid, breaking into more hypnotics, and psych digeridoo! A love song exists within its hazy confines, a longing heart, ‘it’s about being totally enamoured by someone.” The end of the trip, SAE fade and dissolve, having delivered a striking debut.

Super American Eagle LP is out November 10 in ltd edition black and white split colour, through Cheersquad Records & Tapes.

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