Beyond The Black Ready To Rock Lagerfest

Get ready to rock and roll at LAGERFEST 2023, the ultimate fusion of heavy metal and Oktoberfest revelry! Presented by Kegstand Productions, Music Management Inc., and Wall of Sound, this extraordinary music festival is set to take Australia by storm. Prepare yourself for a mind-blowing experience as we bring you world-class bands, delicious beers, and an electrifying community atmosphere like never before.

The lineup is nothing short of legendary, featuring THE HALO EFFECT, a powerhouse composed of past members of In Flames and Dark Tranquillity. This will be their first-ever performance in Australia and New Zealand, making it an absolute must-see event! Their raw yet melodic performance will leave you breathless and craving for more. Joining them are BEYOND THE BLACK, the German symphonic metal shooting stars who have taken the world by storm with their chart-topping albums and awe-inspiring live performances. Hi Fi Way talks to Jennifer Haben and Chris Hermsdörfer about the tour which includes playing in Adelaide for Froth & Fury.

The band must be excited to be in Australia for this big tour?
Absolutely, it has been on our buckets list, we’re all excited.

Chris: First time ever!

Jenniefer: We’ve heard so many great things about Australia. When we were offered the chance to come over, we said okay, of course we have to do that and we will come earlier or stay later to experience more of this country.

Does anything prepare you for that long haul flight to Australia?
I was reading all this stuff about how to not have the worst jet lag ever! For me, I will try to stay awake during the first flight to Dubai, and then I will try to sleep the whole flight to Auckland.

Chris: The biggest challenge is issues with luggage, it is a big flight to Australia and New Zealand. The preparations is different, have to plan out what to bring, what we can leave home, all the things to bring to the other side of the world. For us it’s different. Such adventures are the fun part of this job.

Touring with The Halo Effect, Lagerstein and Devilskin must be really cool as well?
Yeah, definitely. It will be very different styles that the people there will get, so everyone will have at least one band that the like!

Are there any bands at Froth & Fury that you are keen to check out?
I’ve had a look but to be honest I don’t know that many of the bands playing. We’ll try and catch as many bands as we can depending on our schedule and when we are playing.

Is there anything particular about Australia that you’re looking to experience?
Yeah for me it’s koalas, Vegemite, lots of Vegemite and all that sort of stuff.

Chris: I want to get a car and drive the Grand Ocean Road from Melbourne to Adelaide. My wife used to live there when she was younger. She did a school exchange and told me to get a car and do it.

Are you focusing mostly on the new album on this tour?
It would be a mix of the classic Beyond the Black stuff and the new stuff. So, Beyond The Black Australian and New Zealand fans will get everything!

Have you been really happy with how the fans reaction to the new album that came out earlier this year?
Definitely, most of the time I expected a lot of hater comments because it’s normal. The last time we were releasing all the stuff on each song there were so many positive comments. That was a very good feeling somehow, even if I didn’t expect it, I was curious if this is normal. It was great that there was a positive reaction to our new album. We are still really proud of the whole album. It is a good thing to have when people are responding with such emotion.

Do you feel any pressure thinking about the next album?
Yeah, I feel it!

Chris: There is always pressure and that is a good thing. We were always getting the question about why our latest album was self-titled. After all the things we’ve learned and all the processes for our previous albums the pressure is there because people have expectations and we have our own expectations. If you can say that you feel great because you know what you did felt great, and you know the route and the idea you want to follow, of course we don’t want it to be copy and paste, but we have a good base for writing the next album because there’s so many things going the right way within the album writing process since we did this album. I think it will be fun to write the next album and record it because we have such a great thing going which is pushing us to do another great album.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch Beyond The Back at Lagerfest, tickets HERE

And Froth & Fury Festival, tickets HERE

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