Taking Back Sunday “152”

Taking Back Sunday return with their eighth album 152, named after a stretch of road the band hung out at when kids. It’s the feeling of nostalgia, not in the Kiss keep touring nostalgia way more in the lyrics and music are so relatable that you are reminded of your own journey through life that is encapsulated in these ten tracks.

Seven years since Tidal Wave saw a couple of major tours, a twenty year anniversary jaunt, a member depart, the world stop turning however one thing remains constant, Taking Back Sunday write catchy as hellfire numbers

The lead off singles Amphetamine Smiles, S’old and The One, complete with a very crafty video story accompanying them, have already appeared and by now you’ll know the band is back.

Adam Lazzara lyrical vocal delivery is another level again while musically the creamy textured sound, aided by producer Tushar Apte, is of a band that refined their process and songs into something unique, like salted caramel, it’s sweet but has a kick of emotion.

Tracks like I’m the Only One Who Knows You with its word play around ‘find your god, holy hell’ to ‘a match made in heaven’ is a sound that harks back to late 80’s pop classics. It is sonic bliss.

Quit Trying bops along supported by samples in all the right places while Lightbringer has the hallmarks of a dance floor classic already as Lazzarra vocal delivery is a joy within itself while a guitar solo ramps up during its glorious crescendo.

Maybe it’s the fact the music is instantly hookable, that it’s layered with harmonies, dynamics and a band that is so in tune with the story that makes the album reach into your mind for your own relatable stories.

New Music Friday, Juice 2 Me and The Stranger continue the theme of songs you can dance too, you can sing in the car too – ‘do you need somebody else?‘ and ‘don’t you treat me like a stranger’ – and listen quietly too.

This is an album that hits all the parts of your inner self emotionally. An album of love, break up, despair, joy, it looks inside you and says what you’ve struggled to say for all these years. It’s more than an emotion filled creamy textured album, it’s a roadmap to your soul and Taking Back Sunday are the drivers.

Album Review By Iain McCallum

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