L7 Release New Single And Video ‘Cooler Then Mars’ Ahead Of Upcoming Australian Tour

L7 have released their brand new single Cooler Than Mars alongside an official video ahead of their upcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand. The track, available both digitally and as a limited edition 1000-run flexi disc, features the legendary rockers’ singular brand of socio-political commentary and humour. It tackles the seemingly never-ending disastrous weather events throughout the world and calls for leadership, focus and action.

Donita Sparks shares, “The song was inspired by the ongoing catastrophic news of climate change, and the strange passions of billionaire space cowboys to explore and exploit the outer limits of our stratosphere. Seems to me such obsessions and resources should be totally focused on healing The Big Blue Marble. I feel like there is nothing “out there” that is as mind-blowing as the biodiversity of what we have here on Earth. Because we’re cooler than Mars, damnit.”

LA-founded hard-rock hellraisers, L7 perform their landmark album Bricks are Heavy in Full (Pretend We’re Dead, Sh*tlist, Wargasm, Everglade, Slide etc)

L7 debut album came through Epitaph, run by Bad Religion’s Brett Gurewitz. Their second album Smell the Magic came through Sub Pop. For their third album, Bricks Are Heavy, L7 signed with Slash, knowing that the label had international distribution beyond the US and Europe and could introduce the band to Asia and Australia.

Bricks are Heavy was produced by Nevermind producer Butch Vig and catapulted the band into the mainstream with the timeless Pretend We’re Dead – originally written by Donita Sparks as a break-up song but becoming an anthem for the grunge generation.

L7, made up of Donita Sparks (guitar/vox), Suzi Gardner (guitar/vox), Jennifer Finch (bass) and Demetra Plakas (drums) were a formidable force in the 1990s, courting controversy wherever they played, due to their ‘take no shit’ attitude. Tampongate saw a throwing incident at Reading Festival 1992 which remains one of their most outrageous antics as well as their UK TV appearance on The Word (1992) where Sparks appeared naked from the waist down.

This tour down under will see the original line-up of L7 bring their pure shock rock energy and perform Bricks are Heavy for the first time ever in Full!

Bricks are heavy – and so are L7

Tickets from: https://metropolistouring.com/l7-2023/

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