Marlon X Rulla Lyrics Deep Dive On ‘Trauma Patient’

Leading from the front with thought-provoking lyricism that strongly questions society’s worldview, unstoppable First Nations duo MARLON X RULLA make an instant impact on Trauma Patient; a hard-hitting statement piece that questions individuals that act with half-hearted moral positions.

Soulful, buttery vocals from Marlon Motlop are paired perfectly with audacious bars from Rulla Kelly-Mansell on Trauma Patient, showcasing a powerhouse dynamic between the two voices that constantly lifts throughout the track. It is hard to believe the pair have only released one song thus far (Unceded, 2022), as the Impeccable production (which was handled by Trials, one half of AB Original), irresistibly smooth hooks and well-refined lyricism found on Trauma Patient feel like they are destined for the biggest stages in the world. Marlon takes Hi Fi Way on a deep dive with lyrics for Trauma Patient.

“The Shadows of my scars, will they pay the price for a lonely heart.. When it’s all they want”

The reality of having to front up everyday within a society that is not designed for a Person of colour to excel is at times very lonely. Sometimes, I feel it’s manufactured that way, and the story of my hardship to the general public is more interesting. Seems set up at times.

“Tell me why you acting so shady, covering the scars you gave me”

The institutions that tend to show love can often be created from those very same institutions that were designed to destroy us.

“The title of an Allie gotchu thinkin can I? Profit off a Trauma Patient”

Just wanting to provoke thought within the mind of an Allie to sit and think whether they are treading carefully and displaying sensitivity when walking alongside a First Nations person. The lived experience and challenges of an Aboriginal life should not be commoditised.

“Run budda budda run budda budda run, running for the tree line burning in the sun, target on your back heartbeat up in a gun, think about yourself while I look upon you run”

At one point our people were running from gunfire, and to some extent we still are. Ive always felt that when I’m on the right path my old people are guiding me. This speaks to that feeling and energy.

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