Le Shiv’s Homecoming And A New Era Of Genre Defying Tracks Is Launch With New Single ‘Where’s My Money’

Le Shiv, the awe-inspiring quintet that has garnered acclaim from industry heavyweights and enthralled audiences on both sides of the globe, today launches a highly anticipated new phase in their musical journey with the release of new single Where’s My Money.

Having recently returned to the sunny shores of Australia, the virtuosos of Le Shiv (Pencil, Jarleth, Mossy, Dylan, and Billy) have taken time to focus on writing and recording their debut body of work. Whilst we don’t have a lot of details on that yet, what we do know is the group’s dynamic sound, fueled by attitude and synth-packed world-class compositions, have already caught the attention of esteemed personalities and groups such as Matthew McConaughey, Chris Martin, Grouplove, Ocean Alley, and Lime Cordiale, affirming their undeniable talent and intergenerational appeal.

Speaking on the band’s exciting new chapter, Mossy states “Up until now the band had been flying by the seat of our pants, just recording and releasing music as we all lived on the road in our campervan supporting some of our favourite bands around North America. It was such an incredible experience but we hadn’t put much thought into a long term plan for Le Shiv or a real strategy of releasing a bigger body of work. When COVID happened we all moved back to Australia and it gave us time to write and record a heap of music. This is the first time where we have a lot of releases scheduled, a bigger body of work coming and also lots of touring plans at home.”

Where’s My Money is yet another shining example of Le Shiv’s genre-defying sound that exudes nostalgia while remaining unmistakably fresh. The chorus is a sonic explosion that transports listeners to the golden days of the early-2000s where MGMT meets Pixies. The fun-first personalities of the band also shine through in the King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard-esque verses which, put simply by lead singer, Pencil, are about “a hippie owing a drug dealer money.” It’s not too much of a stretch of imagination to think perhaps there’s a tongue in cheek story from their years living on the road around North America in there somewhere, but that’s for Le Shiv to know and for you to find out.

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