The Terrys Unveil Huge First Taste Of Sophomore Album With New Single ‘Silent Disco’

Gerringong’s unstoppable musical force, The Terrys, are back with a bang as they drop their electrifying new single, Silent Disco, the first taste of their much-anticipated sophomore album. The single is set to blow away listeners with its unique blend of rock ‘n’ roll energy and pop-infused surprises. Silent Disco is out now and available on all major streaming platforms.

“‘Silent Disco’ is not a serious song, and the lyrics were made up in the studio,” reveals the band’s vocalist, Jacob Finch. “As soon as I heard the guitar and the drum beat, I was like, ‘Ohhh, we are gonna do a song like this.’ I was instantly excited and wanted to use my voice more as an instrument and let it sit in the pocket.” The song’s carefree lyrics and catchy chorus were born from spontaneous creativity. Jacob further explains, “It was never written down anywhere ever; it was just flown straight from the top of the dome! And to be honest, I’m just glad Ziggy (my dog) got a shout out in this one.”

As a teaser to their forthcoming album, Silent Disco invites listeners to join The Terrys on a musical journey that pushes boundaries and defies expectations. Finchy embodies a new Brit-pop-esque swagger throughout the song, that is just as catchy as usual but with a matured approach to lyricism, storytelling and melody. The verses introduce more use of percussive elements than in previous tracks bringing rhythm section and brothers, Cam & Trent, to a welcomed highlight within the mix of bright, syncopated guitar strums. The track is compact, punchy and gives the appropriate introduction to the new Tezzas zest whilst still staying true to the blunt and soulful indie-rock.

“This album is such a mixed bag of treats; there’s not one song the same. They are all sick and they are across a whole bunch of genres. So I know the mosh pit crew are gonna love this, but we got something for everyone,” explains lead guitarist, Lukas.

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