Squid ‘O Monolith’

Squid, the UK quintet have returned with their highly anticipated second album, O Monolith, two years after the surprise success of their Bright Green Field debut. O Monolith features eight tracks and takes listeners on an enthralling sonic odyssey through the realms of post-punk and art-rock, solidifying Squid as one of the most innovative bands of today.

O Monolith launches with Swing (In A Dream), a mesmerizing opener that sets the tone for the album. Its swirling melodies and angular energy immediately draws you into Squid’s world. From there, the band dives into the depths of Devil’s Den, where jagged guitar riffs and pounding rhythms intertwine, showcasing their ability on how to build tension.

A standout track is Undergrowth. It shows Squid’s ability to experiment with their sound; blending bass, percussion and horns to create a rich and immersive sonic landscape. The Blades takes a while to kick in but the build up is worth the journey, while the band slow things down on After The Flash and represents a more introspective side with it weaving haunting melodies and ends with a frenzied crash of dishevelled instruments.

Green Light picks up the frenetic energy again with great results, while If You Had Seen The Bull’s Swimming Attempts You Would Have Stayed Away takes an intriguing turn; it starts with whispering vocals and then slowly builds up before erupting into a frantic blend of guitars, quirky horns and thunderous drums. The album abruptly ends and the listener may need a moment to take it all in.
Throughout O Monolith, Squid showcases their fearlessness at pushing boundaries, especially sonically, and is evidence why they are of the most exciting bands on the music scene today.

Album Review By Darren Leach

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