Melbourne’s Unscored Go Track By Track On Debut Album ‘Amorphous’

Unscored are a four-piece garage band based on Wurundjeri land. They fuse elements of punk, grunge, psych, indie rock, and whatever else they can think of to create a DIY sound they call their own. After releasing two initial singles in 2021, they spent 2022 independently preparing their debut album while also establishing their presence in Melbourne’s live scene alongside acts such as Dole Manchild, Daddy Issues, Kandalini, and Spunk.

Amorphous is Unscored’ debut full length effort. The title of the album represents both the nature of the album, and the bands artistic ethos. The mutual artistic drive of the band is to always try new things, and to not be worried about sticking to any kind of genre or specific sound.

Specific influences are not something the band thinks about a lot; however, they all share a love for 90s grunge, punk, and alt rock. Amorphous is an album the band sees as an introduction to what makes they have to offer, but not necessarily an indication of any future sound.

Unscored largely work independently with an ethos of DIY. All recording, mixing, management, art, and video production is handled by the members of the band. The band have self-produced multiple music videos, with their film clip for cowboy being screened at Peninsula Film Festival and winning best music video and runner up for best directing at Sparrow land and clipped respectively.

The band takes Hi Fi Way through the album track by track…

Amorphous is a concept album about the diversity of the human body and all its parts. The Album was primarily written in February and March of 2022, with a couple of songs being written back in 2021.

Each song represents a different physical part of the body, but we also wanted to explore the variety of ideas and feelings that can be associated with having a body. So the writing process actually started with choosing which parts we wanted to write about, and then writing songs that we thought suited the idea.

Galloping saxophone infused psych rock about the body’s constant and never-ending consumption. One of the last songs we wrote for the album, this is the track inspired by our love of bands like thee Oh Sees. Imagine a giant, all-devouring monster rampaging its way through a city. No matter what you do, you cannot run and you cannot hide.

The Pump!
Bombastic gym-punk about pumping up your muscles. The writing process for this one involved shoving in as many double entendres as we possibly could. The Pump! is for all the gym lovers AND gym haters out there.

The first and worst pirate grunge song. A song about something that, whether they admit it or not, everyone has done and enjoyed. There’s nothing like sticking your fingers into your Schnozz and digging for gold. You might even find the secrets of the universe up there. This one is for the Ween fans.

Cheeky pop-rock about popping your pelvis with your pals. The pelvis is the part of the body that has all the fun and that’s what we wanted this song to be; a fun bouncy pop song. And to make fun of Adam Levine.

Blood drive
Thrash-punk written by a mosquito on the hunt. Our intention with this was to come up with 7 different riffs and have the song flow fast and violently from one to the next, like blood rushing through your veins. Its place in the track order is important, intended as an in your face interlude to transition the album from the silliness of Schnozz and Pelvis into the darker and more serious second half.

Big Fkn Aorta
Sinister alt grunge about a man with a really big heart. This was a 2020 lock down project originally, and once we polished into its final form it quickly became a personal favorite of the band. It’s a song about how things are not always as they appear, and the nicest people who seem to have the biggest, kindest, hearts can sometimes be hiding something dark underneath.

Ethereal post-punk about Shelly Duvall having a panic attack in her trailer. We wanted this song to feel like breathing, inhaling and exhaling until it becomes overwhelming. The repetitive pattern of the guitar riff really allowed us to fill the space with lush and ambient movement, giving this song the freedom to morph from beautiful to overwhelmingly tense.

Grey Matter Glitter
A spangly interlude for your neurons. Recorded straight into a phone in a tool shed.

The Ballad of Skeleton Boy
A melancholy emo ballad with haunting vocal and cello harmonies about wasting away to nothing. This is the most serious and heartfelt song of Amorphous, and acts as the antithesis to heft. This is also our earliest written song from the album and the real beginning of the Amorphous process; it feels satisfying and cathartic to have it be our closing statement.

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Unscored launch their debut album tomorrow night at The Bendigo Hotel…

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