Bring Me The Horizon On New Single ‘Lost’

‘The process is what we’re always trying to do which is take something, a style of music and fuse it with something else and try and make something new. I’m excited about it, it’s called ‘Lost’.’

Lost is the uptempo vibrant third song released from British superstars Bring Me The Horizon slated to be on a future album.

A song unlike anything else in the bands catalogue, it displays the groups creative output is as bright as ever mixing emo pop punk and rock with the Oli Sykes trademark dash of lyrical potency.

As Jordan Fish explains ‘It’s a bit different sounding, we were kinda influenced by bands we haven’t shown in our music as being influenced from before. It’s more upbeat.’

The band are currently writing and recording in unusual circumstances and this helps to fuel the groups creative juices.

‘We’re writing on tour and not really in a studio so it’s a bit more bitty. We started this one a while ago and finishing it on tour alongside a bunch of others. We’re trying to finish a whole record and we are quite close to having the record finished. It changes how you write…when you’ve just come off stage or about to go on stage, so it makes it a bit more bandy. It’s a different energy you get when you write in and around shows and maybe that why’s it’s a bit more upbeat pop/rock kinda emo song. We don’t have anything else like that in our set.’

Inspired by bands like My Chemical Romance, The Used and 100 Gecs, the song is an bona-fide anthem for disenchanted youth whether it’s being performed on stage or at your local rock club and it’s only the start.

‘This record is turning out to be more varied than I expected it to be. We’ve got another song that’s almost kinda like a Weezer grunge type of song which I never thought we would do really but it’s one of my favourite things we’ve done.

There’s a quite heavy one because we were thinking, well we’ve set up it that we were going to do a few different records in different styles…I like an album personally, we did say we’re gonna do EPs so I don’t know, but I like an album and we’ve dropped three tracks and it would feel like short change if we dropped a six track or seven track record. I’m pushing for an album with the ideas we’ve got. 10 tracks is an album, so I’m pushing for that.’

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