Kita Alexander Opens New Chapter With Empowering Anthem ‘Queen’

Kita Alexander has returned today with her first new track of 2023, Queen, which is also the first taste of her yet-to-be-announced debut album. Queen is a dance-floor ready empowerment anthem that showcases Kita’s fusion of singer-songwriter style with upbeat pop melodies.

“Queen was born out of a need to write an upbeat dance song. My dilemma with that was that I don’t think I can dance. I’m self-conscious about the length of my limbs and find it very hard to loosen up on the dance floor or in front of anyone for a matter of fact. During the 4 months during Covid that my husband was away for the Olympics, I found myself alone in the kitchen more often than not. I discovered that I actually love to dance and really go for it when no one’s watching me. Even if one of my kids sneak out of bed and tries to watch me I get more conscious of the way my body is moving. I find this incredibly ironic because I perform for a living. This song is all about feeling like a superstar when you’re all alone.” Says Kita of the song.

To celebrate the release of Queen, Kita will be heading out on the road for her debut headline tour. The Self-Titled Tour will see Kita performing all of her hits and fan favourites as well as previewing some of her new music. Tickets are on sale now HERE.

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