Floodlights Announce ‘Painting Of My Time’ Album Tour

Following a successful live stint at SXSW, Melbourne band Floodlights have announced their Painting of My Time album tour. This expansive run of dates, their largest tour to date, will see them take off across the country, playing live from Castlemaine to Alice Springs, Margaret River to Adelaide, the Sunshine Coast to Sydney, and much more in between! Tickets on sale from 9:00am Monday, April 3.

“It feels surreal to be playing music all around the country for our first national tour. We are especially looking forward to heading back to the NT as well as doing our first headline shows in WA. We can’t wait to play these songs in places that have made us everything we are.” Louis Parsons.

Rolling Stone US were effusive in their praise of the band’s recent SXSW set, saying, “Fresh from a supporting slot on Pavement’s Australian tour, Floodlights do echo Stockton, California’s favorite sons in some telling ways. Specifically, the Melbourne-based indie-rockers seized upon any opportunity to ride circular rhythms and riffs into the twilight, not so much jamming as meditating on a phrase. Floodlights accentuate the painterly aspects of their sound with an auxiliary keyboard player, an addition that adds a slightly cinematic bent to their earthly vistas. Some squalls break the reverie, particularly a harmonica wail straight out of “Hand in Glove,” but Floodlights aren’t practitioners of noise; an increase in volume doesn’t ratchet up the tension, it adds a wave of intensity.”

Off the back of an extensive touring schedule, Floodlights have developed an organic nuance to their live shows. An experience tailored to each audience through extensions and interludes. A sense of storytelling that flows naturally from songwriting to the resonating finale of their live performances. Accompanied on stage by vocalist, trumpeter, and pianist, Sarah Hellyer, Floodlights push to the edges of their new sound.

Tickets on sale 9:00am Monday, April 3 – tickets HERE

Floodlights have just released a new single, Painting of My Time, and explain the premise of the song – “Painting of My Time is a reflection back on life so far, reflections on the past, memories and the things that have happened in your life that make you who you are. At the same time there is the knowledge that time keeps moving, the desire to make the most of your life now you’ve seen how quickly things can change.

“It was written during lockdown so there is a strong sense of desire to break free, energy building up and an anticipation of what’s to come when we re-enter the world and whether you can make the most of it.”

Painting of My Time is the title track of the band’s forthcoming second full-length release, dropping on April 21 (Virgin Music).

Painting of My Time encapsulates the sonic and personal progression of the group, masterfully showcasing the signature, evocative lyricism that the band is known for. It’s a journey of observations, reshaping views and identity, elaborating on themes of personal turbulence, self-exploration, and the Australian landscape as a form of escapism.

Painting of My Time Track listing

  1. Moment of Distraction
  2. Lessons Learnt
  3. Human
  4. On the Television
  5. Something Blue
  6. Painting of My Time
  7. Things You Do
  8. Colours
  9. Ramblings of a Passenger
  10. Wide Open Land

Pre-order Painting of My Time here.

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