Lano & Woody ‘Moby Dick’ @ The Boboli at The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide 19/3/2023

It’s the last night of the month-long whirlwind that is Adelaide Fringe Festival and I’m sleep deprived, I’ve eaten far too much food truck fare, spent several thousand dollars on parking and can no longer stand the smell of Fairy Floss. There was no better way to wrap things up then to go to see Australia’s favourite slapstick comedy duo Lano and Woodley’s show Moby Dick which was predictably amazing and left me even more exhausted from an hour of laughing hysterically.

The enormous Boboli was almost at capacity and unfortunately for me the visibility was a bit disappointing from where I was seated, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the show. Lano and Woodly come out and perform a hilarious tongue in cheek song summarising the famous story of the giant man-eating whale dressed suitably in old fashioned seamen clothes (yes, cue the seaman jokes, there are a few) They attempt to re tell the tale theatrically with props, sound and visual effects but keep interrupting the story to engage in their trademark onstage arguments and roasting of one another.

“Is it comedy? Is it theatre?” asks Lano, to which Woodley replies; “it’s hard to look away”

The chemistry of these two is still as spectacular as ever. They know how to capture an audience and deliver an outrageous comedy show with such a simple concept. At one point there is a lobster costume and I think I might die. The giant plastic sheet and fan to create a wind effect is the nail in the coffin for me. My favourite part is when after being kicked off the stage or “fired”, Woodley reappears in among the audience and starts heckling Lano before volunteering himself for the ‘audience participation segment’ They round it all off with an uproarious musical number ‘Moby Dickheads’

Witty and over the top, absurd and entertaining. I legitimately couldn’t breathe during parts of this and I am ok with that.

Fringe Review By Bec Scheucher

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