SHIT-WRECKED! @ The Lark at Gluttony, Adelaide 8/3/2023

All aboard the Spirit of Tasmania! which if you have ever been on it, you would know it’s actually a brilliant source of comedy gold. If you’ve never experienced the rocky haul over the Bass Strait, not to worry because Mel and Sam have been on “the most glamourous cruise there is” and are here to tell the story through song. Featuring many different characters on deck and a few c-bombs, the girls change through various costumes atop their sparkly spandex Calisthenic swim outfits dancing tirelessly to some very wacky chorography while singing in perfect harmony.

It’s very slapstick and shamelessly goofy with some spicy content, such as the Starfish Kids Club featuring the ‘children of the anti-vaxers’ and NFTs as an anniversary gift. My favourite number was ‘Hot Takes with Halesy and Bjork’ where the girls hilariously take the piss out of female indie singers while making the important statement that sweet potato fries are not fries. There is also a Frozen parody thrown in for good measure and exhibits the outrageous versatility of Mel and Sam’s vocal styles and musical talent. The whole spectacle ends with a great medley of all their songs and their dance number left me feeling puffed out.

Mel and Sam don’t stop for the entire hour and their onstage chemistry and flawless timing is a wonder to witness. Shit-wrecked is as entertaining as it is silly and with a packed house full of laughter, the show is a hit.

Fringe Review By Bec Scheucher

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