Buffy Revamped @ The Box at The Garden Of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide 10/3/2023

I’m stating now, I’m one of the biggest Buffy fans, it was and still is my favourite TV show OF ALL TIME, so to hear there was a live show about it, had me intrigued and to be perfectly honest a little hesitant to see how the show would stack up. But seeing this live iteration was fang-tastic!

For fans of the show, you’ll feel like you’ve travelled back in time to Sunnydale to relive all those iconic moments we know and love, with a little extra twist. If you’re not a fan of the show, you’ll probably not understand where it’s going, but the comedy and singing will get you through.

Award winning performer, Brendan Murphy, portrayal of each character throughout the show was painstakingly good. His constant upbeat energy and commitment to each of the characters was impeccable. In particular, his performance and visual aesthetic as Spike was so on point that he could be Spike’s doppleganger. If you missed the puns and episode references in this paragraph, you are no Buffy fan to me!

The show cleverly references 90s/00s pop culture that reflects exactly what the TV show is still known for today, always being on the pulse with the modern day zeitgeist. The attention to detail with some of the props was brilliant, such as Faith’s killer knife and Giles’ ‘Kiss the Librarian’ coffee mug with straw of course. *chef’s kiss.

Buffy Revamped makes some brilliantly ironic observations of the TV show’s unanswered questions but also pays homage to some hilarious hardcore Buffy fan (myself included) beliefs, such as Dawn being the constant annoying character throughout the series (poor Dawn).

This was a hoot of a performance, playing off the cult success of one of TV’s most iconic shows. It’s a fun trip back to Sunnydale and for all you super fans out there, I know you’ll be streaming Buffy not long after the show ends.

Fringe Review By James Landseer

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