Buck Wild @ The Piglet at Gluttony, Adelaide 19/2/2023

It’s been three days in for Adelaide Fringe and is it too early to call it that I think I’ve found my favourite Fringe show for 2023? Buck Wild is a crazy good kind of wild. Scout Boxall, sorry I should say ‘Award Winner” Scout Boxall (Best Emerging Artist at Melbourne Fringe 2019) is a lovable wacky weirdo and I mean that in the most endearing way. Anyone that can produce a comedy show on “heavy shit” and make you laugh out loud, have a permanent smile on your face throughout the show then have you leave with a huge smile on your face has the makings of a comedy master. 

Boxall delivers an hour full of mindful mayhem with stories about their family, their love of Formula 1, mental health, medication and mullets. The show is definitely a wild ride where at times anything could and did happen. While it wasn’t intentional to swallow a bug (The Piglet is an outdoor venue at Gluttony), you know you’re at a good show when such an unscripted moment can further elevate the laughs. Their timing on audience banter and late comers is on point so hecklers beware as you’re no match for this sharpshooter.

Buck Wild has a mix of stand-up comedy, song, rapping, screen visuals and something I’ve never seen before; a PowerPoint presentation ranking Arnott’s Assorted Creams. There’s a few PowerPoint presentations in the show but this one takes the cake….actually I should say biscuit. Special mention goes to two moments in the show: a video of Bob Katter and the haunting yet hilarious version of LMFAO’s Sorry for Party Rocking. 

Scout Boxall has such great comedic energy. While you’re taken on a wonderful ride of twists and turns there’s no wild chicanes in this show. Its all-full throttle from start to finish and you will be laughing until the wave of the checkered flag. Ok, there’s no checkered flags in the show. I’m just trying to capitalise on the Formula 1 puns because I know they LOVE Formula 1 but seriously, Grab Ya Tix! to Buck Wild. It’s funny. It’s really funny!

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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