WILD SIDE @ Empire Cabaret Theatre at The Wonderland Festival Hub, Adelaide 18/2/2023

Debuting their show at this year’s Adelaide Fringe the cast of WILD SIDE brought the raunchy and wild rock n roll version of Cabaret to the Empire Cabaret Theatre at Wonderland Festival Hub. The soundtrack to the show is full of classic 80s rock bangers mixed in with sides of burlesque, aerial acrobatics, fire eating, sword swallowing and much much more!

When you have Guns n Roses Welcome to the Jungle blaring at the start of the show you can instantly tell the vibe of WILD SIDE was going to be, well, wild! Our host for the evening was the ever-versatile Hannah Indigo who was filling in, but you wouldn’t have thought it. Just as confident on the mic like her burlesque, she brought a guitar, a power tool, a kiss ass mullet and plenty of fireworks to the stage as well as a whole lotta hoola hooping that lit up the tent. Special mention for her performance to a KISS classic Let’s Put the X in Sex. We just don’t hear enough of that song!

Samora Squid did the most squeamish things with his swords, throat and tongue. You just have to see it to believe it, in fact I’m still squirming just thinking about it a day later. Canadian pocket- rocket Zee Zee Pop did an AC/DC Jail Break on the aerial cube; swinging and balancing like a true rebel rock star then for a second stint she did a mean act with a big ole’ balloon. Actually, inside the balloon!

Bringing her own side of wild was Sian Brigid with a hard sexy burlesque routine complete with cheeky bum slaps, hard hitting splits and an authoritative eye stare to make sure every person in the crowd knew who was boss.

Kitty Obsidian brought the heat. She brought the fire! Strutting on to the stage to Joan Jett’s Do You Wanna Touch there was fire eating at its hottest, tassel twirling at its sexiest and burlesque at its raunchiest! Hot! Hot! Hot!

Lip smacking and whip cracking Bravissimo whipped his way through a bunch of roses and Kara Maree’s act had to be the most painful aerial performance I’d ever seen. High up on, not ropes but chains. Thick hard chains. Twisting, twirling, bouncing and swinging like it was plain ole silk. Wow and ouch!

WILD SIDE is pure hard rock cabaret. It’s so hard rock it will definitely bring out your WILD SIDE.

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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