Endo Days @ The Lark at Gluttony, Adelaide 18/2/2023

“An honest and hilarious musical comedy that makes light of an illness that is often left in the dark”

Just when I think I have seen everything, along comes Endo Days, a cabaret about Endometriosis created by long-time sufferer and advocate Libby Trainor-Parker and her husband Matt Trainor (also a long-time sufferer and advocate by proxy) backed by their band suitably dressed in cute satin pyjamas and playing clever, sometimes weirdly clinical tunes about everything from unsolicited advice, motherhood, dismissive doctors to suppositories (aptly named ‘butt drugs’)

Aside from the onstage antics, tampon tassels and hilarious ‘endotaining’ puns, Endo Days has an important mission; to reach out to fellow sufferers making them feel seen and to maintain the ongoing conversation about this often devastating and debilitating illness that affects 1 in 9 people with a Uterus.

Warm, witty, entertaining and informative, Endo Days manages to take a fairly heavy subject matter and turn it into a empowering and virtuous comedy act.

Fringe Review By Bec Scheucher

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