Architects, Counterparts, Thornhill @ Entertainment Centre Theatre, Adelaide 17/2/2023

‘We’ve been Architects, you’ve been Adelaide. We love you!’ vocalist Sam Carter states from the stage as the band launch into the grand finale Animals and an already excitable crowd launches for one final burst of glee.

Architects played for two hours, dipping into the whole career, overcame some early technical difficulties, had a rather disturbing stage invader halt the set further and the whole night brought Carter to tears in a mix of glory, anxiety, shock and ultimately success. Who says rock is boring?

Melbourne’s Thornhill, not short of their own tragedies recently as all their gear had been stolen and the subsequent postponement of their New Zealand tour, open the proceedings and they go heavy.

It suits them, the loud dynamics of their music with vocalist Jacob Charlton’s crooning vocals caressing the lighter parts. The stage almost seems too small for them as Charlton gyrates and incites from the end of the catwalk. Having seen the band quite a bit, this arena setting is very much the bands playground as Hellfire Club and Raw to name a few, sound tremendous.

Canada’s Counterparts are back and you know what you’re going to get; a journey into the twist and turns of vocalist Brendon Murphy’s mind, the music matching the depth of his emotions.

The noise from the audience down front as they literally scream the lyrics back tells you that a Counterparts show is an experience, not a gig. The normally reserved vocalist getting down the catwalk to connect with those who feel the music more than a casual observer.

Whispers Of Your Death, No Servant Of Mine and Love Me all being delivered with an edge not found on the records, an all too real human connection, that the bands powerful music harnesses you in on the roller coaster of time changes and feelings.

However the headliners are what most of here to see and Architects give everyone a unforgettable and a once in a lifetime experience seldom found at music shows.

Carter is dressed like a cross between Sabbath era Ozzy and Michael J Fox in Back To The Future 3 in a tasseled jacket, the band correctly slipping into the background and stage riser in what completes a stunning visual effect.

But it’s the music we’re after and the opening blast of songs literally slay the audience into going crazy, some a little too crazy as the start of These Colours Don’t Run the band halt the show and disappear off stage.

At first there is confusion before a it becomes apparent that something, or someone, isn’t quite right and shortly after a person is ejected in a unconventional but suitable manner from the venue. Once back on stage it seems this person had invaded the stage, behaving erratically towards guitarist Josh Middleton.

After the unscheduled interlude, the band launch back into the song and tear through the show at full speed droppings tracks like Discourse and Little Wonder.

A slower acoustic part late on gives every one a chance to breath, stretch those hamstrings and get ready for a final run down arguably better than any other band in the world right now.

Doomsday, Nihilist an electric when we were young and Animals completes an epic two hour rock show. To paraphrase Carter, ‘We are Adelaide, you are Architects and we love you!’

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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