Crashdiet @ Enigma Bar, Adelaide 16/2/2023

The swagger is on display, the style is on point, the melodies – both vocally and musically – are precision musicianship and of course the glamour is shining bright. Crashdiet are finally back. Right from the opening chord, the crowd, pushed up as close to the stage as possible, are up for it and the Swedes don’t let anyone down.

Down With The Dust has vocalist Gabriel Keyes leading the fist pumping and chanting, while Reptile has the drumming getting everyone jumping as that stomping grooves ignites the floor like lava from an erupting volcano. Cocaine Cowboys, with its Rob Zombie style rhythm has singer and crowd begin to morph into one as Keyes fuels himself off the energy from the crowd. By the time the night is out he’s been jumping on amps during Breakin The Chainz and stood in the middle of the audience for a raucous and crowd pleasing Queen Obscene.

Before that though, the band display all their influences, literally bedecked in GNR and Ramones gear, as the sleazy rock n roll continues but with the bands modern touch. The band themselves are tighter than a frogs you-know-what, and the performance befits a band that plays much bigger venues than the intimate Enigma Bar.

The hot and sweaty connection with the crowd evidence in sing-a-long In The Raw, Riot In Everyone and the softness of It’s A Miracle before even that shoots off into the glitter infused night sky like a missile.

Chemical befits a hot summer night with its cool breezy sway, memories of summers past and drunken hazy decisions and is delightful speed change before the final hurrah. After the aforementioned amp climbing and performance within the crowd, the party starts – as the show climaxes – with Generation Wild as the support acts climb onto the stage to join in on the anthemic chorus and electric performance.

It was hot, it was sweaty, drinks were had, throats are hoarse, and heads now hurt. It was a good rock n fucking roll time and at the centre of the party is Crashdiet. These guys know what it’s about and these guys are the real deal.

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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