Stellie To Join Lorde And Muna At The Adelaide Festival

Local superstar Stellie is counting down the days until she takes to the stage at this years Adelaide Festival with Lorde and rising stars Muna which promises to be a show not to miss. No doubt Stellie would be going over how this show will play out thousands of times in her mind but as a brief distraction we asked her a few questions about the upcoming show.

Is it hard to keep a lid on the excitement of playing the Adelaide Festival with Lorde and Muna?
Yes definitely! Honestly it’s all I can think about at the moment. I’m putting a lot of love into this set and I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to this sort of thing so its dominating my time at the moment for sure.

Is this the biggest gig you have ever played?
I think so! I played Womadelaide a few years ago and that was pretty big – but nothing like this. Adelaide Entertainment Centre is massive. I’ve seen so many amazing artists perform there and always imagined myself up on that stage – and now its becoming a reality. Pretty crazy.

Is a show of this size and magnitude like a dream come true?
Yes it really is. I’m very grateful for the incredible opportunity and can’t wait to widen my audience to a whole new fanbase.

Have you gone over the show in your own mind a thousand times?
Oh yes. Probably more than that to be honest! Like I mentioned earlier – I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and also am generally quite an anxious person (not a great comb) So making this show the best it can be has been a big task.

Do you get to request anything crazy on your rider?
Ha ha! Unfortunately my rider is quite boring actually – just some peppermint tea, honey, fruit and maybe a nice bottle of wine and some beers for my bandmates.

Are you looking to preview any new songs at this show?
Actually no! But I am previewing a new band member which is very exciting. I now officially have a bass player. Everything sounds so much bigger now and it makes me very happy.

Do you hope to be able to meet Lorde?
Of course! Who wouldn’t. But I don’t ever get my hopes up for this sort of thing. If it happens – I will be so happy, but if not, no stress. She’s a very busy woman preparing for a very big show!

Are you working on new music and building towards an album/EP and how is that going?
Not quite an album I don’t think – my aim this year is just to release as many singles as possible. Maybe an EP too. Just can’t commit to an album just yet!

What albums are on your player at the minute?
Not quite an album, but I’ve been listening to the new Paramore singles that they’ve been dropping lately and they are so so good. Also been loving The 1975 – they’ve made a bit of a comeback and I’m here for it!

What’s next for Stellie?
Lots of new music and lots of shows. Maybe a tour in the works too? Will have to wait and see.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch Stellie with Lorde and Muna at the Entertainment Centre as part of the Adelaide Festival

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