Steel Panther ‘On The Prowl’

After five previous studio albums, one would have to wonder if the new offering from Steel Panther was going to be a much of a muchness. If we consider the typical formula – musically sophisticated cleverly produced cheesy hair metal smut anthems – then yes, On the Prowl absolutely is exactly that.

Are we tired of it yet? You can be the judge of that. For me, I was subjected to the catchy ear worm riffage and dramatic symphonics instantly from opening track and debut single Never too Late (To Get Some Pussy Tonight) and even managed to spit out my coffee while snort laughing to the lyrics for One Pump Chump so it most definitely achieved what I think it set out to.

Keeping up with the important cultural issues of the moment such as Tinder, misleading Instagram filters, Onlyfans and the politics of friends with benefits (in the aptly named track of same) On the Prowl keeps things relevant for the new generation of fans. However, we can never go past a good love ballad, and I’m sure playing Magical Vagina on a boombox outside your girl’s window will make her swoon. 1987 then takes us back to the good old days of Rock n Roll with a banger I’m certain will become a regular feature on their set lists, while final track Sleeping On The Rollaway stands out as having the fiercest intro keeping you grooving from start to finish and solidifying the notion that we are dealing with more than spandex clad comedians with instruments.

It could be argued that this whole act has been done to death, but like any great comedy act we always come back for a new routine. Aside from the usual hyper-sexualised filthy humour that Steel Panther have established their identity around, the have come back with another quality album that is undeniably entertaining. The bonus is they have a grip on good production and dedication to their very specific musical style, so it’s hard to be critical and not surrender to the Steel.

Album Review By Bec Scheucher

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