Gaz Coombes “Turn The Car Around”

Gaz Coombes is the modern day genius, recognisable to most as the voice of English rock band Supergrass who recently announced they were on hiatus while they explore and pursue other projects. As they say in the classics good things come in threes and that can be said with Coombes latest effort Turn The Car Around , which completes the trilogy that includes Matador (2015) and World’s Strongest Man (2018).

His latest effort is an absolute gem and one that’s hard to put down. Arguably, this is right up there as one of the best things he has ever done. I love it and it really does seem that Coombes has really stepped up his game delivering a mighty fine album that still taps in to the sonic palettes and lyrical themes of his previous works. Yep, there are shades of Supergrass on Turn The Car Around as it would be impossible to wipe this from his DNA completely. What Coombes is able to do is explore the ups and downs of modern life and all the detail in between.

Coombes has definitely forged a new path, taken some well calculated risks and has continued to evolve as an artist making whatever comes next all the more exciting. One of those defining moments on the album is Long Live The Strange which is anthemic as much as it is a rousing with lyrics “Long live the strange, Where I’m with you, oh, So don’t ever change, ‘Cause I love you, oh” flying the flag for diversity and acceptance.

There are plenty of great moments with these nine songs that spans just shy of forty minutes that are relatable and a reflection of the life and times we are experiencing now drawing up experience and challenges. Some of my favourites include the dedication to Coombes wife Don’t Say It’s Over, the experimental Feel Loop (Lizard Dream), the gripping Sonny The Strong and closing on the bittersweet Dance On. Turn The Car Around is a stellar and joyous collection of well crafted songs and fingers crossed Australian gets to hear these songs live sometime soon.

Album Review By Rob Lyon

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