Amy Hetherington On The Five Moments The Juggle Is Real

Life can be a mess sometimes. Throw in a new baby, a fresh sporting pursuit & the inability to get a moment to yourself and Darwin comedian Amy Hetherington has incredibly found the time to build her brand new comedy show around just that. Combining all the whims of parenting, sport, work, friends, nipple tassels and mummy Facebook groups, JUGGLE is an authentic, but not-too-serious look at feeling sexy after childbirth; and surviving life with a toddler – juggling not included.

Taking ‘JUGGLE’ across Australia with tour dates in Darwin, Perth, Kalamunda, Alice Spring, Adelaide & Katherine, Amy Hetherington is not content with touring just a single comedy series; returning with her Adelaide Fringe Festival Award Winning & multi-Sold Out performances extravaganza Crying Over Spilt Milk. These encore shows will bring the critically acclaimed show to new audiences across, Perth, Albany, Adelaide & Sydney, allowing some their first taste of the unbridled realness & hilarity that is Amy Hetherington.


Darwin comedian and mum Amy Hetherington shares 5 moments the Juggle is real!

Having a toddler is chaotic. They’re like your dads reading glasses, they’re never where you left them. As a touring comedian and mother of a one-and-a-half-year-old I’ve had to juggle a bit… here’s a few times it’s really tested my athleticism

Grocery Shopping
Having a baby has not stopped my commitment to a ‘one trip only’ rule for grocery shopping. Getting 4x bags of groceries and a 12kg human from the car to the house in one epic display of strength, agility and stubborn headedness is my superpower. Sure a loaf of bread may get squished and some eggs may break… but we all make sacrifices.

Walking the Doggo
This used to be a mindful activity. Now I’ve got to keep the dog chill on the lead while she runs circles around the pram. The toddler knows this is hilarious for the neighbours, so she helps things along by throwing food for the dog and occasionally ‘getting involved’ in the dog poop pick up.

When I had my baby, someone said I wouldn’t be able to tour comedy anymore. So, in 2022 I did shows in every state and territory in Australia with the baby on my hip. I think my love language is spite. Taking a baby on 15 flights is a great way to gain frequent flyer points and a lot of judgement… but you know what… I love proving people wrong.

Writing jokes
Toddlers don’t sit still! It’s chaos and it’s hard to find time to write jokes. Often she’ll interrupt me before I get to a punchline….

The irony is not lost on me that as a mum I’m always juggling… but if I physically wanted to juggle I would not be able to do it cos the toddler would steal the balls.

Shout out to all the working parents out there. Juggling is hard… but it’s so worth it.

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