Hannah Camilleri Debuts Her Show Lolly Bag At Adelaide Fringe

If you’re after ‘a sweet mix of sketches that you simply cannot choose’ then Lolly Bag is the treat for you! Winning a stack of awards at the Melbourne Comedy and Fringe Festivals, Hannah Camilleri is debuting her show at this years Adelaide Fringe. Performing at the Main Stage at ARTHUR ARTBAR Monday 6 March until Saturday 11 March so Grab Ya Tix! Hannah chatted to Hi Fi Way about the show and performing at the Adelaide Fringe.

Your show Lolly Bag is debuting at this year’s Adelaide Fringe at Arthur Artbar. What can Adelaide audiences expect when you bring the show here?
They can expect nothing because it’s really tricky coming up with ideas instead of napping. You’ll eat what you’re served! Just being a silly ninny. The show won Comedy New Work Award last year at Melbourne Fringe so it’s cause for celebration and bringing it to Adelaide. If you like sketch comedy, book this in and let’s toast to zany ideas. 5 shows only at Arthur Artbar!

Can you tell us a bit about Lolly Bag? 
There might be a mechanic who’s seen it all and a cowboy with keys instead of spurs and a vampire going to bed and a teacher running an exam but this is all subject to change as I cannot leave the pot alone; I’m always stirring and adding and changing ingredients. It’s energetic and strong character/sketch comedy like you’ve never seen it. It’ll be magic, a real thrill. 

Are you excited to be a part of the Adelaide Fringe? 
Really excited. Fond memories of the market. Let’s bring back the artists’ bar where we could all let off steam, no texting required as we all knew where we’d be at the end of any given night. If this is a petition, then take this as my signature: xoxo. 

Have you performed at the Adelaide Fringe before?  
I’ve been to Adelaide Fringe twice by car with a bunch of thespians. The first time, performing In His Own Write which showcased the poetry of John Lennon. One of us got Laryngitis so we divided up their lines for the next night and then I got Laryngitis and we divided up some more. Finally, one of my co-stars, Bucket, inspired by Superman, ran up a pole one evening and hurt himself so he was out for the rest of the run. The show was okay but the memories are fantastic.

How long have you been performing comedy? 
Since I can remember. I asked my Year 8 coordinator for a five minute spot at assembly almost every week. One sketch my cohort simply adored was when I played a mafia boss purposely letting my blazer slip from one shoulder so my assistant Bruno could, ‘Fix my jacket.’ They cheered, they cried. I was kicked off early, always. 

You’ve won some awards like the ‘Comedy New Work Award 2022 Melbourne Fringe’ and for your show Pét-Nat + Han ah Chocolat with fellow comedian Nat Harris was ‘Golden Gibbo Award’ at the 2021 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. How does it feel to be acknowledged in that way?
Winning the Golden Gibbo at the comedy festival in Narrm/Melbourne (essentially for most independent show in production and in spirit) was totally unprecedented. Nat Harris, a hot shot comedian, and I banded together in 2020 to face the unknown of 2021 and for our camaraderie to be a winning combination is absolutely surprising. We’re also really fun so it’s not altogether a big surprise.

Your show with Nat, Pét-Nat + Han ah Chocolat is also debuting at the Adelaide Fringe and at new precinct Migration Museum. What can Adelaide audiences expect when you bring the show here? Can you tell us a bit about that show? 
It’s a really fun fifty minutes of 7 sketches. We endow the audience as characters in the worlds we’ve created. We’ve got chummy pairs of pleasure-seeking goblins, running a hotel where the audience are our guests; insufferable teachers, orchestrating a presentation night where the audience are the students, sommeliers briefing their staff; executives launching a venue and a trailer of a film set in 17th-century England. It’s a jam-packed show full of interaction and improv. Come down and check out the Chapel and Yurt at the Migration Museum. New show, new venue, new you. Bon appétit mes chéris!

Lastly, what are three words to describe your show Lolly Bag? 
Shocking Sexy Wow?

Fringe Interview by Anastasia Lambis

Tickets and show information for Lolly Bag at Fringe Tix. Grab Ya Tix!

Tickets and show information for Pét-Nat + Han ah Chocolat at Fringe Tix. Grab Ya Tix!

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