Julia Graham Talks About Her Fringe Show ‘Original Innocence’

Original Innocence is an immersive experience and the exploration of self and what it means to be innocent. For three shows only Thursday 23 February to Saturday 25 February at the The Shed Rehearsal Theatre Grab Ya Tix! Julia Graham chatted with Hi Fi Way about the show and what audiences can expect.

Can you tell us a bit about your show Original Innocence?
‘Original Innocence’ is an interactive and innovative experimental performance. The performance encourages personal intention from the viewer, and incorporates sound and movement to tell the story.

Original Innocence explores themes related to trauma; particularly the exploration of trauma held in the body and how this relates to questions of identity and connection. The show considers shame, grief, and the cycle of life/death to reach ideas that are ever present and collective, but often hidden in the community. Original Innocence solicits active involvement with the audience, as the artists attempt to break down the traditional barriers between the artists, the work, and the viewer. The intention of this type performance is a connection and synchronisation of the nervous systems of the performers and the audience. The show explores nervous system regulation and how it relates to mental health and overall wellbeing.

What can Adelaide audiences expect coming to your show?
Adelaide audiences can expect a unique and personal experience from my show. They can expect to reflect and question their own underlying beliefs and challenge surface assumptions that we carry around these themes.

Are you excited to be a part of the Adelaide Fringe?
I am so excited to be a part of the Fringe, I love how alive the city becomes and the diverse range of shows and experiences that are available. The buzzing, creative energy excites me. I look forward to seeing what other artists and creatives in the city are offering.

Have you performed at the Adelaide Fringe before?
Evolved Arts have been involved in two prior seasons of Adelaide Fringe. The shows have evolved, I am really excited to present and share Original Innocence as this piece feels deeply aligned to my heart and personal experiences.

How long have you been performing in Physical Theatre?
I started my career as a Speech Pathologist working in mental health support with adults who have Autism. From there, I moved into embodied holistic somatic studies (therapeutic experiences through the body and senses) which led me to the production of physical theatre, using art as a modality to create spaces of healing and awareness. I curated my first show in 2020 and have produced over 12 shows across Australia, touring across Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne.

Lastly, what are three words to describe your show?
Reflective, Powerful, Empowering

I would encourage audiences to come along with a curious and open mind!

Fringe Interview By Anastasia Lambis

Tickets and show information for Original Innocence at Fringe Tix. Grab Ya Tix!

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