Steve Williams Releases New Album ‘Minutes’ And Is Playing At The Adelaide Fringe with Absolutely 80s

Minutes is the latest solo release from Wa Wa Nee’s Steve Williams and its a cracker! Working with some high profile musicians the album shines with a cool, blues guitar vibe as well as taking more of the reigns on the vocals. Never one to take a break Williams is also performing with the gang from Absolutely 80s at this years Adelaide Fringe for one show only. Absolutely 80s: UK Hits Tour plays at Wonderland Spiegeltent at Wonderland Festival Hub in Hindmarsh Square Saturday 18 February. Williams chatted to Hi Fi Way about the new album and the Absolutely 80s show.

Minutes is your latest album which has a more guitar-based feel to it. Where you in a more rock mindset with this album?
Maybe but not consciously. I hear a new song in my head, and I try to get the recording to sound as close to how I’m imagining it. 

Sometimes really standouts for me off the album. It’s quite sultry and bluesy. What’s the story behind that song?
Thank you, it’s basically about peer group pressure, conforming to a group and its effects on people

I’ve noticed you’ve taken more of the reigns on the vocals. Are you feeling more confident to be up in the forefront with the vocals now?
Yes, I think so. Necessity is the mother of invention as the saying goes and it’s so much quicker doing everything yourself. 

There are some great musicians playing on this album that have played with some big-name bands and artists like Terry Sessler, Mar Taylor, John Kenny and Ian Hume. What’s it like to collaborate and work with such creative people?
It’s an honour and a privilege to have these guys involved. Bringing their experience with Back Street Crawler, Michael Schenker Group, Def Leppard, Elton John, Simple Minds, Mark Knopfler , Rockmelons & Choirboys to the table certainly adds to what I have going on. 

Does it extend your level of creative and push your boundaries?
Absolutely, I can’t do what they can, so it broadens the talent pool considerably

You seem to constantly write new music. Do you find now that it’s more of a fun creative process and an expressive outlet than an obligation like in the early days with Wa Wa Nee?
It was always great fun with Wa Wa Nee so nothing has changed in that regard. Not having a major record company involved certainly takes a lot of pressure and expectation off though but it would be nice to have their massive distribution and promotion arms.

I see that you’re also coming to Adelaide for the Fringe for Absolutely 80s – The UK Hits Tour is at Wonderland Spiegeltent at Wonderland Festival Hub in Hindmarsh Square. Are you looking forward to the craziness of Adelaide Fringe?
I’ve played at Spiegeltent before at the Adelaide Fringe and found it to be an amazing experience.

Hopefully I don’t fall into the drum kit after walking onstage with wet feet (raining outside). That really hurt but the whole crowd laughed, they thought it was a comedy routine haha!

The Absolutely 80s shows are really popular, and audiences love it. What is it that keeps people coming back to these shows?
It’s a feel good, good time show packed with hits and Brian Mannix is totally hilarious 

There’s a focus on UK Hits this time. What kind of songs can we expect to hear?
That would be telling, you’ll have to come along

Any solo gigs planned for Adelaide or around Australia? your boundaries?
I am putting a show together as we speak so hopefully mid 2023.

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

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Tickets and show information for Absolutely 80s: UK Hits Tour at Fringe Tix. Grab Ya Tix!

Steve Williams Minutes available here

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