Winter Cyan Talks About Her Fringe Show ‘Signal’

Described as ‘a love letter to theatre and technology, where the artists are acrobats, composers and musicians all at once’ Signal is playing at the Ukiyo in Gluttony Tuesday March 7 through to Monday March 13. Hi Fi Way talked to creator of Signal, Winter Cyan about her show and what audiences can expect.

What is your show Signal about?
Signal is sort of about a few things; most obviously, Signal is about using the human body as a musical instrument. We wanted to explore using creative technology to translate movement and acrobatics directly into music. Signal is about sharing a passion for theatre and technology, and showing the audience the magic that usually gets hidden behind the curtains. We thought it was important, though, to make work that is hopeful, playful; so at its heart Signal is about human connection and play.

Are you excited to be a part of Adelaide Fringe? 
We’re super excited! Signal has been in development over the course of the lockdowns, and we’re super excited to finally get the opportunity to share what we’ve been working on, as well as the opportunity to be involved alongside so many other talented creatives!

Have you performed at the Adelaide Fringe before? 
Yes, we’re all big fans of the festival and have taken part in recent years in a variety of different shows, though never together until now. Aleshanee and I (Winter) will both also be performing with other shows returning to fringe this year; Aleshanee with Boop, and myself with Cab Suave. The last few years I also balanced working as a venue technician alongside performing at the festival.

How long have you been performing in Contemporary Circus? 
I got involved in performing with a local community circus as a teenager, a bit over fifteen years ago, I got permission from my school to spend my afternoons in their assembly hall teaching myself acrobatics. Since then I’ve studied at the National Institute of Circus arts, to really pursue the dream of working as a professional circus artist and have been working with some pretty cool shows since. I believe the rest of the cast’s stories are quite similar, finding their way to a love of performance through community circus groups.

Signal is in the Gluttony Fringe precinct. What’s the best part about being in Gluttony?
Oh, I think there’s lots to love about gluttony; it’s in such a nice spot in the park, and has a great mix of awesome shows and great food (Is it even possible to do fringe without getting some of the Naanchos from Ragini’s Spice?), but really I think the best part is being part of a such a solid team. Over the course of the last few difficult years in the arts sector, Gluttony was offering support to artists and crew who were struggling, and it really made a difference, both to the community and to me personally; they’re a great team, and it’s awesome to work alongside them.

Personally, you’re a bit of an all-rounder being a musician, sound designer, and circus artist. Which art form do you like to do the most? 
Ahah don’t make me choose! I think I’d say that that circus is the most close to my heart… but my real favourite is finding the ways they can sit together. I got into music and sound largely because I wanted to make my own music for circus acts, and my sound designing and sound and lighting technician work started from wanting to get involved in shows from behind the desk as well as from on stage. That’s what led me to make Signal; I wanted to find a place to bring together all the passions I’ve fallen in love with, and share some of the cool stuff I’ve learned, so I made it happen!

What are three words to describe your show? 
Playful, Experimental, and Warm

Fringe Interview By Anastasia Lambis

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