Enuff Z’Nuff To Bring The Rock To Glam Fest

American rock band Enuff Z’Nuff will be here in Australia for Glam Fest next week. Fusing the elements glam metal, hard rock, power pop and psychedelic rock to create their own unique brand of rock music they have built an incredible career spanning twenty albums and continuous touring. Best known for MTV radio hits Fly High Michelle, Mother’s Eye and New Thing Chip Z’Nuff promises that their set will be loaded with hits aplenty.

Literally days away from Glam Fest starting, must be very exciting to get on that plane to Australia?
We’ve been ou on tour with The Dead Daisies for two months, we jumped on the Skid Row tour in October and November. In December I was out with The Quireboys and now here I am in January doing gigs with Styx, Extreme, Adler from Guns ‘n Roses, my old buddy I used to live and play with, that was Appetite, Loverboy, 38 Special, Quiet Riot and the list goes on. I’m in Key West, Florida and I have a couple more dates left then I jump on the great Silverback Touring Glam Fest Tour of 2023. It is going to be incredible.

It is a whirlwind tour in Australia, are there any bands on the Glam Fest tour that have caught your ear?
We finished up a tour a year and a half ago with the Faster Pussycat guys, that was incredible. We know what it is like touring with those guys. They know how to get in to trouble and so do we. To be out playing shows with some of those other bands like Wednesday 13, my old buddy from The Murderdolls. Eclipse are a great band, you’ve got Tuff on the bill with the Pretty Boy Floyd guys, we should be in great shape on this tour. It is only four shows but Silverback Touring know what they are doing putting this together. It will be a wonderful celebration, you’ll see a lot of people at these shows and I think they’ll all sell out.

How will your fit an entire career in to forty five minutes?
That has always been a challenge right there, most of the other bands don’t have as many hits as Enuff Z’Nuff. You have to remember besides having New Thing, Fly High Michelle and Baby Loves You which were legitimate hits on MTV and radio we also have a Beatles set that we do. One of our last records was called Hardrock Nite, which is all Beatles songs from 1967 to 1970 reinterpreting those songs. We are not a cover band, we reinterpreted those and turned them in to ours. Our who Enuff Z’Nuff set is packed full of hits. No one can say that on this tour, all the bands have a couple of hits but not as many as we do on this one. We are going to celebrate all those songs in concert in forty five minutes. There won’t be a minute of that set that isn’t featuring a hit song.

Will any songs off your new album Finer Than Sin get a look in?
Of course not! No one knows the new record enough! The first single is called Catastrophe but people want to hear songs from the first few albums and I’m going to give them that. We’ll play stuff off the first album, we’ll do stuff off Animals With Human Intelligence, we’ll do a few off the Strength album. Those songs had a real good foothold, people are smart and know those early records which were really strong ones for us. We’ll mix it up and throw in songs from Diamond Boy. Will we play anything off the brand new record? I’m not so sure, maybe the next tour I will. This one right here we’ll focus on the songs that the fans know, the ones MTV played and the ones you embraced years ago.

Were you stoked with the reaction to the new album?
Absolutely, I think it is a strong record. We have put three records out in the last year and a half putting out Hardrock Nite, my solo record Perfectly Imperfect which features Joel Hoekstra from Whitesnake and Dax Neilsen from Cheap Trick. It was great to have rock star guys accompany us on those. Then there is the new one Finer Than Sin which Dax Nielsen plays on a couple of songs. It’s another rock ‘n roll record for us! It is a big Potpourri, it’s pop, rock, alternative, heavy metal! We were alternative before alternative pal!

Was it a love of the Beatles to do Hardrock Nite?
It was, I had a promoter in Los Angeles come to me and said that this guy wants to put together this tour and he has Paul Gilbert from Mr Big, he’s got Ray Luzier playing drums on it, he wants to get Gilbey Clarke on it as well and wanted me to play bass and sing wanting only to do Beatles songs. I said it was a great idea, let’s do it and we all got together and talked about it. I thought it was a slam dunk home run, people had other things going on in their lives and couldn’t get it together time wise. Someone said to me during lock down, which was challenging for all musicians and all people from all walks of life, everyone was going through that period of being handcuffed. I said I refused to be handcuffed and I’m going to make a couple of records and that’s what I did. One of them was that Beatles record so I focused on those songs from 1967 to 1970, the rock stuff and even if there were pop oriented songs I wanted to give them a different look and a reinterpretation of those Beatles songs. That’s why I did the record, it was a labour of love, it was a challenge, we had to get Paul McCartney and Ringo to sign off on it and they did. My manager worked with those old cats and it has been great. Those records did well for us, the live shows have been terrific and the Beatles are happy because we keep their music alive.

Three albums in a year and a half is prolific, are you looking to keep that momentum going?
I have thought about it but it really hasn’t been discussed. There is still about a half dozen records in the can, maybe it could happen. Right now I’m happy with what we have and what we have achieved. Perhaps in the future anything could change, we certainly know a lot of Beatles songs and all their songs are super. Primarily, that was a record we were doing which was a labour of love more than anything. We are not a tribute band or a copy band or a cover band. We have twenty albums out, I never thought I would be able to say that in my career. I’m happy where I am at!

With a fortieth anniversary coming up is there anything special coming up?
Certainly is, next year we might go out and play the first album in its entirety and do the Strength album. Only time will tell, there’s so many songs in the kitty, we don’t know exactly what will go on since I don’t have a crystal ball. All I know is that we’ll continue to go out there and play while we still have our health and good vibes. It is a good idea, I have seen other bands do like Cheap Trick at The Metro playing four nights there playing different albums each night, it was incredible. It takes a lot of work but I wouldn’t mind doing it. If it’s a nice challenge I’ll definitely take a chance on it if the opportunity opens itself up.

What are you looking forward to most in Australia?
Koala bears, kangaroos, trim, loud mouth soup, a little bit of puffy poo from Cheech and Chong and fans packing them in every single night. Come and see me at the merch stand, we are one of the most accessible bands in rock ‘n roll, we’ll be hanging out taking pictures with the fans every night on that beautiful Glam Fest tour. Shout out to Silverback Touring for having us out there putting Enuff Z’Nuff on the bill. Love Australia where the trim is flamboyant and promiscuity is not against the law!

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch Enuff Z’Nuff at Glam Fest on the following dates, tickets from Silverback Touring

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