Faster Pussycat Bringing The Glam To Glam Fest

When you think of Hollywood’s infamous ‘80s rock ‘n’ roll scene, it won’t take long before you turn your mind to Faster Pussycat. Led by the incomparable Taime Downe, Faster Pussycat was formed in Hollywood during its ‘80s glam metal boom.

The band toured Australia for their first time ever in 2008. Fast forward to 2023, Faster Pussycat return to Australia to play Glam Fest with the likes of Wednesday 13, Eclipse, Enuff Z’Nuff, Pretty Boy Floyd, Tuff and heaps of other cool bands. Together with a consistent line up and boasting approximately 200 live shows a year, both Taime and Faster Pussycat are sounding better than ever. Their set promises to be loaded full of classic hits across their illustrious career. Glam Fest is a tour not to be missed. Taime Downe talks to Hi Fi Way about playing Glam Fest.

Glam Fest is only days away from starting and getting on a plane to Australia doesn’t get any better than that does it?
I’m looking forward to it! I’m looking forward to that long fucking flight!!!

How many hours is that for you to get here?
I don’t even want to think about it! Last time i went over there I started watching a movie then I was out. On the way back I was like yeah I didn’t finish watching that movie. I tried watching part of it but I still never finished watching it. Hopefully I can sleep most of the way on the plane as it is a long fucking flight.

Is there any extra pressure headlining Glam Fest?
Not at all, we just play later. I’m old , I go to bed at five! Just kidding! I don’t feel any pressure, we just play rock ‘n roll whether that is at five in the afternoon or at midnight or whatever the time is.

Will the set list be the greatest and best of Faster Pussycat?
We just play the shit that we know over the years that goes well live and that is the most fun to play live as a musician just doing it. A lot of the songs are just fucking fun to play live, that’s why they are in the set and the ones people want to here.

What do you love about touring Australia?
It’s somewhere different, this time we are going it is so far away, know what I mean? It is a different world and you speak English, so it is the best of both things. You’re far away and you’ve got our language and we’re trying to use a translator, that’s fun. This time we are spending an extra week over there on vacation after the fact. So I actually get to see some of it as opposed to seeing through an aeroplane window.

Where will your vacation take you here?
We’re going to be down outside Melbourne in the wine country then the other half up in Sydney, who knows where we are going to go. We’re leaving on Saturday and get there on Monday with our first show Wednesday night. Two days in Brisbane, we’ll go and see some shit there as well. Every time we have been to Australia before it has been airport, hotel, venue, hotel, airport just back and forth not really getting to see any thing. I really want to be able to soak some of it up before and after. I’m looking forward to it.

It was great to see the new AA single Like A Ghost and Pirate Love late last year. Have you been happy with how fans received it?
It has been really cool, I like it! I’m glad people liked the tracks. I thought it was coming out cool, it came out better than I expected. I just never know what people are going to think, I never write for anybody and I was taken aback by people saying it was like old school Pussycat but with a modern fucking attack to it. I thought that’s cool, I just wrote like I normally do. That song started off as an acoustic song and I just kept adding guitars and shit just got heavier. Once you throw in cowbell it takes a different turn. I’m happy with the way it turned out and that people seem to dig it.

Is this a precursor to a new album this year?
We’ve got more music coming, Nola came out before this and we did the deal with Golden Robot Records. They wanted to give Nola a push so Pirate became the b-side for Ghost. AA or b-side, so confusing, back in my day there was side A and side B. It’s digital! You put them next to each other! As far as I’m concerned they are both A’s. We have another new tune Motorbike that’s done and ready, that might come out with Nola on the b-side or AA, don’t know it’s like a battery. There are three other tracks that are on the burn. We have an INXS cover of Don’t Change that we have played for years, we played it last summer out there, we even played it before then. I did a vocal for a Cleopatra cover that someone else did, was supposed to be on a soundtrack but ended up on a compilation. We’re re-tracking that and sounding really cool, putting our own spin on it. It is still the same arrangement with keys and melodies but some of the guitars are Sex Pistols sounding, pretty fucking cool! We were trying to get it down before heading out there but I’m slow. I want shit to be killer, it takes me longer to just nitpick.

Is hard to let go of some of these songs when they are just about done?
That’s the problem with doing your own shit, you are constantly going ah I can do that and then go here mix it. That’s what basically happened with Nola and Ghost. We can keep tweaking it or thinking of a different idea, back in the old days it was go in a rehearsal room, bang, write it out, pre-production and then done. Maybe change something in the studio, most of the time it was as is, there wasn’t the budget to spend all the days sitting there playing with it.

Did Covid get in the way?
Just when we were tracking the drums, shit went down and we were supposed to go to the UK to do Hard Rock Hell and some other shows. We went in to the studio to do drums for six tracks including Nola, Like A Ghost, INXS was one of them, Motorbike, Wonderful Life and another called Pretty Ugly that will all be out in the woods. Nowadays it is just different, just put shit out so people can hear it. Once there is a dozen or so tracks we’ll put them together and get them as a collection or a special package. When we get to Brisbane there will be a special seven inch vinyl as well that Golden Robot did. Can’t wait to see it, we did all the art shit over here and sent it over and we haven’t seen the final product yet. Apparently it has turned out killer!

What is it about the INXS song Don’t Change that drew you in to cover it and give it the Faster Pussycat touch up?
It is a fucking great song and the band is amazing. I have been a fan of the band since we came out, even way before that. I had met Michael way back at a Grammy party and our record wasn’t even out. I didn’t even know who it was, it was right after he buzzed all his hair off, we got a long really good. After meeting him and just hanging out with him all night, getting to know him a little bit, I thought he just a great guy. That type of shit makes you like the band even more when you meet somebody and it is totally cool. Hanging out with him, Deborah Harry and Iggy Pop at my first Grammy Party, not bad! Quite fun as a kid!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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