The Woodshed Record Fair This December!

Brandwood Street, Royal Park isn’t where you’d expect to find a bar, but save that address in your Google Maps – because Woodshed is gearing up to be the newest and most popular watering hole of Adelaide’s Western Suburbs.

Formerly leased by Big Shed Brewing, the building’s owners needed the space back as the building industry boomed post-Covid and the space was required for kitchen manufacturing overflow. The front portion of the unit was unfit for this purpose and it was decided that this would be converted into a lunchroom-come-mancave.

Matthew McIntyre and Michael Gangnuss then proceeded to spend nearly every spare second of their time cleaning, tearing down walls, ripping up floors, installing bench seats…the list goes on. “We started the Facebook page to document the process”, Gangnuss says. “And it kind of snowballed from there”. As each project reached completion, the boys would sit back and admire their work, before the inevitable phrase “I have an idea” was spoken; announcing the next phase of renovations is about to commence.

“The real push to get most things done was when we had a deadline for a farewell for a good mate that we had worked with for 25 years” McIntyre says. This also happened to be the tipping point when it was realised that the space had potential to be more than just a hobby, but a fully functioning bar.

Walking into the space is a real treat for the senses and each time you visit you’ll find something new. The inspiration comes from all of the overseas rock and dive bars that they have visited over the years, but that is definitely not the best part. “All of the materials you see are reclaimed or recycled”, says McIntyre. “Pretty much everything has been custom built. If it’s not structural to the building, you can assume that we’ve made it, or at least found someone local to give us a hand. You won’t find anything like this anywhere in Adelaide”.

The newest and most striking feature to date is the replica Elder Door. Originating from the famous Kiss album of the same name, hours of work have been poured into making this as accurate as possible. All the hardware is handmade, from the hinges to the studs to the iconic knocker. It is a sight to behold and will surely become a photo attraction.

With each progress update on their socials, interest slowly gaining pace and the inevitable question of ‘when are you open?’ is always there. The boys’ application for the bar and associated works are currently being considered by the City of Charles Sturt Council.

The good news? The door will swing open for their first Record Fair in December, a temporary license has been granted, and it is set to be one hell of a day! The boys wanted to thank their followers for their patience by putting on an event that would not only allow people to get a sneak peek at the space, but also gather some feedback and have a bit of fun after what has been yet another weird and stressful year. And what better way to do that than to combine all of the elements that makes Woodshed great – music, beer, good times!

The fair will run from 9am-4pm with over 20 stallholders, as well as food and drinks available onsite. Bar service will commence from midday.

Words By Sarah Bulach

For more details and updates for the event, head to the Facebook event page:

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