Stormy Lou Launch Their New Single ‘Nothing To Me’ Tonight

Delivering their contagious brand of bubbly bestie-rock, Adelaide / Kaurna Land indie outfit Stormy-Lou have released their sophomore single Nothing To Me, which will be celebrated with a single launch show at Crown & Anchor Hotel in Adelaide on November 4. Recently nominated for the SA Music Awards People’s Choice (Punk), Stormy-Lou are following up their debut single Alone With U with a bright and buoyant break-up song that focuses on the joys of moving on.

Stormy-Lou delves into the world of bubbly-bestie-rock after grouping in the late months of 2021. Residing on Kaurna Land, South Australia, this four-piece takes inspiration from the enigma of age, the complexity of relationships, and their surf-coast homes.

The jubilant four-piece finds Mikaeli Stoker on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Lachlan Sean Nesbitt on lead guitar, Jaya Darmadi on drums and Alex Flynn Taylor on bass. Submerged in their local music scene for many years, Stormy-Lou draw inspiration from household Australian names including Sly Withers, Dear Seattle and Ruby Fields. Picking sonic influences from r&b acts like Steve Lacy and lyrical guidance from female powerhouses Hayley Williams, Carla Geneve and Stella Donnelly, Stormy-Lou have cultivated a diverse and captivating sound. Get to know this exciting up and coming band in our interview below.

How exciting is the build up to your new single Nothing To Me?
It’s been a very exciting period for sure! It has felt very momentous to us because we know that this single is a big step up from our last. It’s a song that has been super collaborative and meaningful to all four of us and so recording it was a very fulfilling process. We’ve also been building up a little team and family around us and so many incredible creatives have put their heart and soul into this song, we feel so incredibly honoured to have them around us.

Were you surprised with how much work goes into a release of a single?
Absolutely! I mean our first single we definitely put in a good chunk of our time but this single has definitely exceeded that. It has been our first time working with a publicist so that’s been a massive learning curve and has created a lot of awesome opportunities for us. We also had quite a short time to put together a music video and so that took a couple very intensive days and we have to put a lot of credit to Jon and Grace from Very Loud Pictures for putting so much effort into it.

Sonically, how would you describe Stormy Lou??
This is a question we always struggle to answer because we delve into so many different influences and genres to put together our sound. A good friend once described us as the perfect trifecta of Surf, Punk, and Pop, but lately we’ve just been calling it indie punk that’s deeply inspired by local noise.

Is the band building towards and album or EP?
An EP is definitely in the scopes for us in the next coming period however we’re currently looking at things opportunistically to see what the next few months bring. We’ll definitely be back in the books and studio shortly but the next project is still yet to be determined.

How did the band meet?
It was a very lucky meeting on the most part. Nesbitt started the band and convinced Alex to learn bass so they could join. Then Alex happened to be working with Jaya at the time and knew he was a ripper drummer because they’d seen his other band a few times before. Then Mikko came along about six months later after Nesbitt and Alex reconnected with her at an impromptu acoustic jam at Nesbitt’s sisters new house. From there we quickly realised how well we bounced off each other and created the band officially called Stormy-Lou.

Is there a hidden meaning behind the band name?
Stormy-Lou was a cute little nickname that Nesbitt had for his old border collie Storm. Storm was a super beloved dog in our friend group and had a really gentle soul. He created lots of good giggles and was a super friendly face at all hangouts, so yeah it seemed only right to pay homage to him in our name.

Who would you say is the biggest shared musical influence/ inspiration for Stormy Lou?
This is another really tough question because we all draw from slightly different areas of music. Nesbitt and Jaya definitely seek influence in the large rock/punk names like Foo Fighters, The Killers, and blink-182 for both their song-writing and instrument styles. Mikko and Alex draw from more local indie styles like Sly Withers, Ruby Fields, and Stella Donelly. As a band we also listen to a lot of R&B music such as Silk Sonic and Steve Lacey which absolutely bleeds a little into our song.

Are you looking forward to being able to tour more broadly around the country this year?
Yeah, a huge goal for us next year is to try and branch interstate! We love our local Adelaide scene and community but playing shows in new cities is a massive dream of ours. Hopefully some larger acts enjoy our songs and stage presence which may lead to some pretty cool opportunities next year! Fingers are most certainly crossed!

How was it supporting Beddy Rays?
Oh man this was such a fantastic experience for us, absolutely one of the biggest highlights of our time together so far! It was a very lucky situation where we already had contact with the boys from the last time they came over and they came into Nesbitt and Mikko’s work and struck up a connection from there. Their whole crew were incredibly kind and accommodating to us and we felt very welcomed. It was such an amazing turn-out and easily our biggest show so far! We got some great feedback from both Beddy Rays and TOWNS which was extremely heart warming because these acts are two of our biggest idols. We were even lucky enough to have Jacko come up and perform Valerie with us which felt so surreal and we remember just pinching ourselves in that moment.

What’s next for Stormy?
It’s been a pretty crazy year for us so we’re looking at taking the rest of November off to go on holidays with our partners just to take some respite. Once we’re all back we’ve got the SA Music awards where we’ve been nominated for the Punk award, so hoping that will be a fun night. December kicks off supporting Naarm-based, two-piece Sophisticated Dingo on their Adelaide stretch of their tour, then hopefully a couple more shows to round out the year! Next year we’re just gonna keep chasing goals and seeing what comes but hopefully we’ll get to spread our smiles and music to a couple more ears!

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch Stormy Lou launching their new single “Nothing To Me” at the Crown & Anchor Friday 4 November…

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