Melbourne’s Sister Doll Release New Single “Prisoner”

Sisters Doll, one of the hardest working rock n roll bands in the country have just released their super charged new single, Prisoner.

With big drums, big riffs a proper old school guitar solo and an absolutely killer chorus that will have your fist involuntarily pumping the air, Prisoner has all the hallmarks of a classic hard rock tune.

Prisoner will get your heart pumping in the first second, from the emotions of the lyrics, to the catchy melodic chorus and the hard hitting beat, this song will leave you wanting more and excite listeners of what’s to come in the near future from Sisters Doll.

Written by lead vocalist Brennan Mileto while isolated in Western Australia, Prisoner was inspired by the struggles of someone very close to him in his life. Brennan comments; “Prisoner is about taking someone away from a toxic relationship and showing them the good side of life. In a world full of heartache and pain it can lead you to feeling secluded and trapped much like a Prisoner. Life can never be that easy and when you feel like there is no way out, there is always an escape to a better life.”

Sisters Doll are a about to head to the US and Mexico where they will be playing 5 dates on the legendary Kiss Kruise as well as select shows in the US.

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