Slowly Slowly Share New Single/Video ‘Longshot’ From New Album ‘Daisy Chain’

Melbourne rockers Slowly Slowly release brand new track Longshot out via UNFD. A bustling ode to self belief in the modern age, Longshot also offers another tantalising peek into Slowly Slowly’s impending new album Daisy Chain, due out on November 4.

Boasting swirling choruses, stomping beats and sweeping guitars, Longshot is a catchy and sweet emo-meets-pop-punk treat that also significantly showcases the quartet’s sharpened sonic progression as they build towards the release of album #5.

Of the new single, Slowly Slowly frontman Ben Stewart shares: “Longshot is about putting all your eggs in one basket. It’s about that feeling of semi-detachment where you feel replaceable in your own life whilst clinging to some hope there’ll be a win on the horizon.

“If you scrape the surface I guess it reads like a middle finger to a 9-5 where you’re paying off someone else’s mortgage, but at its core I feel it’s about believing in yourself and sticking to your guns – you might as well put it all on red as we’ll blink and it will all be over soon enough. Everything is stacked against you in modern society, it wants to fall in line and lose that part of yourself, but I truly believe everyone has a creativity about them that makes them feel like the main character in their lives, not just a supporting role. I guess this song is about listening to that little voice, even when it’s hard”.

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