Light Creatures, Illuminate Adelaide @ Botanic Gardens, Adelaide Up To 31/7/2022

Another light show that was sold out in 2021, Light Creatures is back at the Adelaide Zoo and once again it’s a very popular experience. The line-ups are a telling story so its best you get your tickets fast for this show! An interactive, immersive and fun for all ages light experience that showcases live night creatures and animal feeding experiences with giant lantern animated animals.

The experience can take up to an hour depending how many of the interactive shows you take in and if you’re like me I like to see it all! Make sure you get yourself a map and mark the times for the live shows. Some of them are a must see. Cahaya the Tiger is a new light creature that likes to make his way prowling the zoo taking ownership of the surroundings! The Pandas are back along with the Giraffe Arch, Skink Park and the Underwater Wonderland with floating Jellyfish!

The Pelican Dinner Time and the Night Creatures Show involves some of the true tenants of the zoo. See the pelicans being fed and how the quokkas like to take over the show. On this night a couple of the cute furry friends didn’t want to leave the stage and it took the keepers a good fifteen minutes to get them back to their cage. Although there was delay for the owl demonstration it didn’t damper the mood. In fact, it enhanced the entertainment and added some light hearted comedy seeing the quokkas scurry from one side of the stage to the other avoiding the keepers.

Light Creatures is definitely ‘a nocturnal adventure for the whole family.’ Running until Sunday 31st July it’s a must see show for this years Illuminate Adelaide.

Illuminate Adelaide Review By Anastasia Lambis

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