Custard, Ghyti, Pelvis @ The Gov, Adelaide 8/7/2022

After a few false starts with rescheduled dates and the like 1990s super heroes Custard returned to Adelaide. It is hard to believe that four years have slipped past since their last show here at The Gov. This was a great show show and equally as great as the main act supports Ghyti and Pelvis were stellar also. When it comes to Pelvis watch this space, their kit bag has some really cool tunes in it including their 2021 single Peach Juice. Be sure to catch them when they are gigging around town. Ghyti similarly have some great tunes as well and surprisingly people seem to be a little slow to catch on to these guys. Their single Golden Touch is absolutely killer.

It was a solid Friday night crowd at The Gov to experience the indie-pop classics from Custard. Announcing themselves as 1990s super heroes that had been fact checked by FaceBook and ASIC they opened with Scared Of Skill. With a combined age of four hundred and seventy two front man Dave McCormack claims they know a lot of stuff and after seven centuries of playing they should know not to do a breakdown on the second song of set. Lucky Star, Pinball Lez and the more familiar Pluto were awesome.

Someone in the crowd yelled out that it was Ringo Starr’s birthday which served as the perfect intro in to (I Feel Like) Ringo which prompted McCormack to say to the crowd that their expectations need to be adjusted as that is normally the last song of their set. Ah yes, The New Matthew was stellar just like Girls Like That (Don’t Go For Guys Like Us) bringing back great memories of the time that Custard were riding high on the triple J scene. Relatively new songs Funky Again, Take The Skinheads Bowling and A Cat Called No shone brightly as well. Drummer Glenn Thompson took over vocals on A Cat Called No, Warren Road and Music Is Crap.

McCormack asked the crowd if there was anything anyone wanted to here so someone yelled out for Police Cars to which Thompson said no! The main set finished in a flurry of great hits including Alone, Anatomically Correct and Apartment to which McCormack asked the crowd anyone contemplating buying Custard stock now is the time. The encore had some great highlights including the likes of Hit Song, Pack Yr Suitcase and the iconic Caboolture Speed Lab. A really fun night with three great bands and hopefully it isn’t as long until Custard return to Adelaide.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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