The Wombats, Alfie Templeman @ Entertainment Centre Theatre, Adelaide 9/6/2022

The Wombats Australian tour was hotly anticipated judging by the length of the line that weaved its way down Port Road just after doors opened. There was a real exciting buzz in the venue and was fantastic to see it this packed.

Opening act English singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Alfie Templeman was an awesome inclusion on the bill. Celebrating the release of his debut album Mellow Moon I think he made his impressions felt and won over plenty of hearts and minds in his short thirty minute set featuring plenty indie pop gems.

In another coup for Adelaide this was Alfie’s first show in Australia which he said this was “history” and no doubt this will be the first of many. 3D Feelings, Candy Floss and A Western were classic indie-pop tunes from new album Mellow Moon. For those familiar with his back catalogue there were some deep cuts with the likes of Stop Thinking (About Me), Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody, Obvious Guy, Wait, I Lied and finishing on Happiness In Liquid Form. It was short and sweet packing a lot in thirty minutes but was fantastic.

The Wombats received a hero’s welcome and it has felt like an eternity since they were last here in 2018. This time armed with new album Fix Yourself, Not The World they impressed the near sold out crowd for the next ninety minutes or so. So, so good! The fans were singing, dancing and lapping it up by the spoonful. Opening with two new tunes Flip Me Upside Down and This Car Drives All By Itself, my favs, showed yet again their uncanny knack of writing highly infectious and likeable indie-pop tunes. There was no let up from the crowd as they sung and danced their way through Moving To New York and Cheetah Tongue.

Matthew Murphy said it was a pleasure to be back in “Radelaide” and a dancing wombat made an appearance playing a red trumpet in Ready For The High which he responded after suggesting the wombat clean up their own square shit. Techno Fan was popular and the first of two songs about lemons went down a treat with Pink Lemonade which was followed firing off of pink streamers and no doubt the cleaners will be ‘fuming’. More new music and potential set staples Everything I Love Is Going To Die and Wildfire were brilliant. Kill The Director was another for the highlights reel.

Murphy commented that the crowd was “full of spice and beans” asking the crowd how they were going keep the good time vibes with People Don’t Change People, Time Does and Jump In To The Fog. Murphy asked the crowd to wave their mobile phone lights or start a camp fire during the acoustic version of Lethal Combination. More awesomeness to finish the set with Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves), the song described as the creepiest, weird and beautiful and what his the girlfriend now wife said If You Ever Leave, I’m Coming To and Greek Tragedy.

The encore took things up another with Method To The Madness and the song that it all Let’s Dance To Joy Division winding up on the ever so popular Turn. This was a great show and make sure you catch while you still can in Australia.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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