Wafia Returns With New, Independently Released Single “In The Honey”

Netherlands-born, Australia-based Iraqi-Syrian songwriter and vocalist, Wafia, returns with her newest single, In The Honey out now independently via her own label, Heartburn Records.

A homecoming for Wafia, In The Honey sees pop-rooted cadences and melodies skip alongside a swinging beat, as her finely honed expertise in crafting unforgettable songs resumes front and centre for the songstress. An immediate earworm hook introduces the saccharine sweet vocals of Wafia, atop a lowly slapping bassline. Speaking to one of life’s low points, Wafia’s personal progression oozes through the track’s steady rhythm as a sonic weaving of issues to find a resolution of sunshine, peace and warmth.

Wafia says on the single: “I was let go by my record label this past fall, and I hit a low point. I kept it a secret for months and was embarrassed to tell the people close to me what had happened, out of stigma and shame. My family reminded me of this old Arabic saying نايم في العسل meaning ‘they were sleeping in honey’ when I told them what had happened, which led to this song. I re-evaluated so much of my life in the wake of this difficult but necessary transition, and wondered if everyone had fulfilled the promises they made me when I got signed. ‘In The Honey’ is a song written from the perspective of an oblivious lover to their partner who is drifting away. In so many relationships in my life both romantic and platonic I have watched as complacency sets in and we don’t even realize the best parts are passing us by. It’s so easy to take things and people for granted than not and I’ve definitely been guilty of that in the past too. This song serves as a reminder to hold on to the things worth fighting for.”

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