Circus Trick Tease Share Photo Diary of “Behind The Scenes” Of A Show Day

Vibrant spandex & high-vis hot pants lands acrobats, hula hoopers & strong women in skill, thrill & comedy romp WERK IT. Performed by acclaimed CIRCUS TRICK TEASE at the Forum Downstairs for Melbourne International Comedy Festival, April 14th – 24th.

Combining the minds of a tradie, spin instructor and crossfit fiend into a part-comedy, part-workout, part-dance routine, the critically acclaimed performance is the chaotic yet cheeky world of WERK IT. Diving legs & buttocks first into globally renowned Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the quintuplet comprise hula hoop royalty Lisa Lottie, sensational Richard Sullivan, strong woman Cassia Jamieson, world class circus artist Vincent van Berkel & comedy star Malia Walsh to create a multi-award winning fiesta of sass, swagger & sultry dexterity. Performing an ensemble of eight shows straight, in the cultural hub of Melbourne – The Forum Downstairs, the group will shake, thrust & shimmy their way into the hearts of audiences of all ages & backgrounds.

Having spent the past 15 years hip thrusting their way into an Aerobics Oz Style fever dream across Australia, as well as internationally at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Werk It creators Circus Trick Tease have ticked off a trio of sold out seasons abroad, a multitude of accolades for their diverse range of work and numerous 5 star reviews from outlets See Do Eat, All About Entertainment & Upside News. With this their latest combination of acrobatic feats and jaw dropping skill, the team’s pedigree across performances & unrivalved reputation sets up ‘Werk It’ as an unmissable production.

Circus Trick Tease gives Hi Fi Way a behind scenes look at what happens on show day…

Both Lisa and Malia like to warm up before rehearsals each day with a little vogueing. It gets us warm and into the vibe of the show, learning new moves from little YouTube videos we share with each other. We like to get some inspiration from our favourite show Pose based around the beginnings of the New York Ball culture.

Here we are getting into our show make-up. We like to use as bright a colour as we can find, we love to use the limited Edition Morphe Palette from Mecca, the Paraben and Sulphate free eye shadow has all our 80’s style colours to get us looking fab and ready to Werk it on stage.

I am warmed up, in makeup and costume ready to Werk It onstage. Here I am as the low carb lovechild of a tradie, a spin instructor and a cross-fit fiend. I’m ready to hip thrust my way into an Aerobics Oz Style fever dream all festival long!

Oops nearly forgot to set up the merch for the show. Have you got your limited edition Werk It t-shirts, headbands and stickers yet? These will be available to purchase at the end of each performance at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival season.

And job done!!!! We are a small travelling show, with a lot of props and costumes that need to travel around with us. We have a lot of tours coming up in 2022 through Australia and New Zealand. Here we are at the end of a long pack up after our last show in Barwon Heads in December last year , the gear is packed up ready to drive back to Melbourne, now off for a drink we go.

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