Fafi D’Alour & The Delinquents @ The Gosling At Gluttony, Adelaide 11/3/2022

Right from the opening sequence, Madame Fafi D’Alour mesmerises with her smooth and seamless dance movement. Contorting and gliding effortlessly across the stage. Bedazzled costumes that are there and barely there, make a stunning impact on the overall production of the show and that’s only in the first ten minutes!

The show exudes femininity and feminism, the strength and passion by all cast members is empowering. The show goes from contemporary dance to skilled acrobatic sequences that require so much physical strength that each of the cast does without even breaking a sweat.

The performance explores human identity, touching on themes of queerness and female empowerment. Dance is one of the richest art forms that enable such detailed exploration of the human condition without relying on the spoken word, which Fafi and the cast absolutely nail without making it difficult to follow. It’s deep yet simply entertaining too.

The powerhouse live vocals by Eliza Dickson sound like a unique blend of Adele crossed with Norah Jones, which brilliantly accompanies different parts of the show. It adds intimate warmth that pulls each of the individual show elements together. The variety of jazz, contemporary, burlesque, acrobatics and fire keep you enthralled from beginning to end.

Madame Fafi D’Alour and her Delinquents are a troupe to keep an eye out for, their dance techniques are 10/10 which is no shock as Fafi has trained at impeccable dance institutions like Broadway Dance Centre in New York, the Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio and Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles.

This show is a stand out amongst other cabaret/burlesque performances so it’s no wonder it’s selling fast. Make sure you book now as this isn’t just a must see show, it’s an “if you don’t see it, you’ll 100% regret it“ kind of show.

Adelaide Fringe Review By James Landseer

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