An Unseasonable Fall of Snow @ The Arch At Holden Street Theatres, Hindmarsh SA 12/3/2022

A puzzle so intrinsically multifaceted it will leave you on the edge of your seat as each piece is painstakingly revealed.

Darrin Redgate’s (Boyslikeme Productions) An Unseasonable Fall of Snow is the story of Liam (Jacob Houston) and Arthur (Gavin Cianci). Liam, perplexed, enters a room and is mercilessly interrogated by Arthur. Like a predator circling his prey, Arthur attempts to patch together the puzzle of what occurred last night. What ensues is an apprehensive bedevilled cat and mouse game of truth disclosure.

From the onset, there is little to no context. We are left wondering what is going on, much like Liam. It is an unusual quandary, but also a prevailing stratagem for sustaining tension and ultimately interest.
Gary Henderson’s script pulls no punches. It immediately delves into character development and progresses the narrative in a sustained manner that balances trepidation and urgency. Something big will happen, but the journey to that something must be savoured first. Even after a resolution is seemingly established, the tension lingers. The puzzle is not complete. When the final piece is eventually exposed, it is both revelatory and poignant.

Cianci and Houston are brilliant as Arthur and Liam. Cianci captures Arthur’s fury and anguish to such a degree that it is an effort to stop from jumping on stage and hollering at Liam with him. While Houston’s portrayal demonstrates the wax and wane of a bewildered man with an earnestness that had me crying with him. Their rapport was palpable and served to elevate an already impressive performance.

An Unseasonable Fall of Snow uses simplicity to depict complexity, and it does so remarkably well. The mind, soul and spirit of the central characters are thoughtfully explored. As is the intense subject matter. It is the highlight of the Adelaide Fringe.

Adelaide Fringe Review By Anita Kertes

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