MATADOR – sabor de amor @ Magic Mirrors Spiegeltent At Gluttony, Adelaide 4/3/2022

Ok! I need to take a deep breath! Matador – sabor de amor (the taste of love). That really should be all I need to write about this review but I’m going to leave you with this; It’s red. It’s red hot. It’s hot, hot hot. IT’S SO DAMN HOT!

The theme of ‘Love’ is universal and in any language it’s something as humans we all desire. Matador has every corner of the love theme covered in this show. Sexual energy, lust, heat, acceptance, belonging, heartbreak and loss. They’ve managed to weave the story of love’s roller coaster of emotions so well through dance and acrobatic movement.

The energy… let’s talk about the energy! From start to the finish, it screams sexual energy. The choreography is hot. Sensual. Pulsating. And with every stomp of their feet the dancers are slick and red hot… are you getting the magic word yet? You’ve got semi naked bodies, skirt twirling, whip cracking, cheek slapping (use your imagine to which cheeks) and so much hip shaking. You know what Shakira says about the hips; they don’t lie! Correct! No lying here! Just hot stuff. Hot bodies and hot beats.

The minute I heard the beats of the pumped-up remix of Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody I knew this show had all the right musical elements. Throw in some George Michael, Rhianna, Beyonce, Dua Lipa and my all-time favourite Prince… well… I mean… adding in Erotic City and that catchy Prince scream; pure genius. Seriously, come on! Yeah, I noticed. Bravo to the music director. Five stars for the music alone!

I should clarify; yes, there’s hot sequences throughout the show but there’s also moments where the pace is slowed down to show a more sensitive vulnerable side. Especially with the aerial rope sequences; so elegant, so graceful.  That’s why Matador is so good. At times its hot ‘n heavy and at others soft and sensual. It explores all the emotions of human connection, human acceptance and human love.

The creators Bass Fam Creative have produced a show that is seductive, passionate and so damn insatiable. I wanted more. I really wanted more! Last year I missed out. The shows were sold out. Don’t make my mistake and Grab Ya Tix! NOW! Click here: GRAB YA TIX!

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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