Maho Magic Bar @ The Garden Of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide 3/3/2022

Maho Magic Bar is an interactive show experience that treats you to jaw dropping magical acts whilst giving you a beautiful slice of Japanese culture.

The bright neon lights of the Maho Magic Bar make you feel as though you’re on the streets of Tokyo. As travelling overseas has been postponed for the past two years (thanks COVID) it’s a nice substitute while we wait for the time we can journey again.

Once you enter the bar you become immersed in Japanese magic culture, the pink blossom centrepiece hanging above your head, the walls stocked full of liquor and of course, the magicians. Little did I know that Magic Bars are very popular institutions found throughout Japan and tonight I found out why.

Host Johnny Balance had a sequinned jacket that perfectly matched his vibrant and sparkling personality. His game-show style hosting kept the energy high and really amped up what we were about to see.

The audience were grouped around four4 different bars, each with their own magician and bar tender because watching magical acts can be thirsty work. The drinks menu was plentiful, including a range of Japanese style cocktails, signature magician cocktails and if you were really adventurous, even shots! (Special shout out to the bar tender who kept the drinks flowing and the shots coming on my table)

Fully liquored it was time to experience what I would best describe as a revolving door of magicians. They showcased a kaleidoscope of magic tricks like steel nails shoved in nostrils, gold coins appearing and disappearing from different parts of the human body, old and new card tricks then finishing in one epic grand finale that left the audience stunned and amazed. Go to the show to see just how epic it was.

Naturally there was lots of magic throughout the show but it was accompanied by plenty of comedy too. It was performed creatively and seamlessly by the whole cast. Each magician had their own genre of magic tricks coupled with their own unique personalities that were both hilarious, endearing and clever.

This is a top-notch show that is best enjoyed with a fabulous group of friends.

Adelaide Fringe Review By James Landseer

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