PLASTICA FANTASTICA @ Gala Room, The Austral Hotel, Adelaide 3/3/2022

Nunny’s 34, single and in love with plastic. She’s got big dreams until the unthinkable happens; she’s allergic to it!  We all know that one person who fumbles and bumbles their way around that you can’t help but like. Well, that’s Nunny! She’s lonely and quirky but full of passion even if that passion is somewhat misled at times.

The show in itself is a bit quirky just like the lead character. At times its hilariously funny like the sequence involving the audience and a James Blunt song trying to move in time like following a conductor to then be left wondering “What did I just see?” Jennifer Anne Laycock who plays Nunny has precision perfect timing with audience interactions and there’s plenty of audience interaction in this show. It makes for spontaneous fun to watch her banter with the audience, and it adds an intimate element. Even when there’s unexpected interruptions from the venue surroundings, she’s sharp on the comebacks giving comic relief when the topic gets to a serious point.

Plastic Fantastica is a comedy show with a message. The fact that we live with so much plastic in our everyday lives and don’t even realise is a big deal in itself. Nunny takes us on a journey of her discovery of what the right thing to do is in this ever-plastic consuming world. It’s a fun show and something different on offer if you are tired of all the circus and acrobat shows at Fringe and want to see a something that is purely unexpected entertainment!

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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