Tash York’s Happy Hour @ Melba Spiegeltent At Gluttony, Adelaide 2/3/2022

Everyone needs a Happy Hour in their life especially a Tash York kinda Happy Hour! Add in the Red Red Wines, a 5-piece live band and the party gets racier and more refined. Happy Hour is the latest offering from York and what more can you say about the (yes, my own proclamation) Queen of Fringe Cabaret? While it’s a brand new show from York it still has that stylish, trashy (in a cool way) swagger stamped all over it that is uniquely Tash York.

There are some things that just wont change and they really shouldn’t but we saw the sculling of a glass of wine and I mean a topped up full glass (I really don’t know how she can do it) after a quick game of Goon of Fortune. The wacky game of spin the mini hills hoist and where ever it lands is what Tash York has to perform. So sculling and Cat Rap were the winners and we had another fantastic rap all about cats, politicians and a gynaecologist that was performed on the fly. What is going on in that head of hers???!!!

Her song parodies are signature York and she does them like no other. Rolling out lyrical puns about real life tragedies all in a joyful comedic style. Adding in a few original songs especially a beautiful ballad about finding the people who make you shine and I can say on this night Tash York made all of us in the audience shine! Speaking of original songs, Red Red Winer June Bag shined with one of her songs Don’t Judge a Wine by its Label and I also need to mention the fabulous Vino Fontaine strumming on her violin! Red Red Wines are my favourite!

This show has variety but isn’t a variety show. The outfits are big, bright and sassy. It’s all music, song and banter that will have you laughing and bopping (she’s a bop girl!) but most of all leaving all your troubles behind! Its pure Tash York Cabaret. If you know you know and you will love it! If you don’t know then Grab Ya Tix! and experience a night of song and fun!

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

For show info and tickets to Tash York’s Happy Hour head to FringeTix

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