The Purple Rabbit @ The Roundhouse At The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide 1/2/2022

The Garden of Unearthly Delights together with Strut n Fret Productions really know how to bring high quality creative shows to Fringe. The Purple Rabbit is one that showcases five artists with individual talents blending together to make one sexy and exciting magical show. Starting the show with all five on stage as an introduction, it’s Dom Chambers who ultimately begins with him pulling out of a paper bag what seems as never-ending glasses of beer. Anyone thirsty? It’s Chambers shout!

One of the most talented performers is Kerol; the beatboxing , eccentric juggling Spanish native who has been on creative director Scott Maidment’s list to bring out for Adelaide Fringe and in 2022 he finally got the chance. Rightly so because what Kerol can do with his voice is pure magic. Making four different sounds all at the same time as well as spinning and flipping his microphones is just something you must see at this year’s Fringe. He’s a one man, fast and furious rave party!

Sexual psychic-cologist Harper Jones is there to help the audience celebrate the sexual being that we all are she selected random people from the audience to reveal their most intimate secrets.  Always analysing the audience and bringing a quirky sexy side to magic. Chinese-style foot juggler Emma Phillips is a wiz on her feet. Literally. Wowing us by spinning and flipping umbrellas, rugs and tables with precision and elegance all by the tips of her feet. Phillips was a refreshing addition to the mostly magic themed show. The Unnamed Magician shows off his cheeky (and literally too!) brand of magic starting with the appearance/disappearance of casino chips to then stripping down to his ‘basics.’

When there’s so much talent in one show it can be difficult to give each person enough time to shine but The Purple Rabbit show does it well. Taking turns and often giving a helping hand to each other it sets the tone for a unique and fresh show.  With loud pumping music and lighting to match on top of a cast with sexy chemistry The Purple Rabbit show is well worth checking out!

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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