Michael Shafar – The Return of Shafar @ The Piglet At Gluttony, Adelaide 1/2/2022

Michael Shafar is back at The Piglet with his new show The Return of Shafar. Shafar has had his share of challenges in life which make for good comedy. If you’ve seen his show before you know he’s been through testicular cancer and while this doesn’t play a big part of his show this time round, he does touch on it to remind us that he has conquered many a mountain!

A good size crowd gathered for his first show of the Adelaide Fringe season ready for some smooth talking, quick whipped comedy from the man who can boast his fifth time at our Fringe festival.

While the crowd took a bit of time to warm up Shafar knew how to bring the laughter volume up to high. Not a bad feat considering he was performing in a shipping container! Running through many a topic ranging from cruise ships, vaccines, chemo, anti-vaxxers and prosthetic arms. Yes, prosthetic arms. Let’s just say he is very famous in China because of those arms situation! Touching on the edgy and risky subjects is where he shines. Whether its Scott Morrison or the Catholic Church he knows how to turn awkward into a laugh.

Shafar claims he is ‘fucking brave’ and yeah, he’s right. With all he’s been through the good, the bad and the funny he can turn all that he’s seen, heard and done into a funny comedy show.

Fringe Review By Anastasia Lambis

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