Hi Fi Way Mix Tape Volume 13

We love a good mix tape at Hi Fi Way, have a look to see who made Volume Thirteen:

Following the meteoric release of their debut single Stir The Pot, Caroline & Claude reveal new single It’s Not That Bad, alongside the visual accompaniment. Infused with timeless pop hooks, bracing freshness and ruthlessly catchy song writing, the new song is an ode to love and the antidotes of heartbreak.

“We wrote It’s Not That Bad quite recently. The song is pretty self explanatory; our candid lyrics discuss the complexity of moving out of a relationship. The song is saying – we’ve both got baggage, but we’ll be okay, I can help you and you can help me – it’s not that bad,” says Caroline of the track.

“Claude produced the track and we wrote the melodies and lyrics, but we wanted to add a little extra something, so we hit up Joe Brown, producer/mixer for legendary UK label XL and Stuart Hawkes (Ed Sheeran, Stormzy, Pink Pantheress) to master the song,” she adds.

Directed by Caroline and Claude, the visual accompaniment captures the fun-loving siblings in their hometown of Adelaide. “We made the film clip with our friend Annika, while having a laugh and having fun! We filmed it on a mini DV cassette camcorder, which gave the clip a home-like feel and digital Y2K aesthetic. We think the clip came together quite well, truly embracing it’s fun, chill, non-seriously taken vibe that it truthfully is,” muses Claude of the video.

Among the Restless are proud to announce the release of Underground, is the second single off of their upcoming EP. The song was recorded in early 2020 at Red Engine Recording studios in Brisbane, with acclaimed producer Steve James behind the desk.

Underground is an uplifting anthem that discusses an array of deep emotions and challenges experienced by the band during the time of their formation. ATRput forward topics surrounding moving away from home, and the daunting aspect of starting anew in a place so far from what you know, the uncertainty that you face, and ultimately how you overcome it.

Underground has been a staple in Among the Restless’ live set, and one that their fans are always eager to hear. Musically the song draws on a feeling of euphoria and nostalgia, providing a lighter indie sensibility, whilst still staying true to their rock roots.

Prolific newcomers Dear Sunday are back with a brand new single Knock Knock, a touching exploration of mental illness and the grief of losing a loved one, released today. Knock Knock is the band’s first single since their debut EP Draw 4, released in late 2021. After spending the year on the triple j airwaves with their dance pop collaboration with producer Luude, Dear Sunday are excited to soon be announcing some big festival shows for 2022.

Knock Knock is a slightly more melancholy cut from the Dear Sunday boys, but listeners should know by now to expect the unexpected with these guys. It’s catchy, reggae-influenced, with a gentle yet pounding beat, irresistible and constant. Lead vocalist Ben Swanson’s voice takes centre stage, with thoughtful, emotional lyrics that speak to the depth of not only this song, but this band. Speaking on the heart breaking inspiration behind the track, Ben explains, “So the song is actually about depression and the feeling of being haunted by dark, sad thoughts. A few years ago I lost two of my best mates, only months apart, to their own battles with mental health. It’s something that is so incredibly common these days, but it’s still so hard to comprehend the internal battle that those people are going through…I lost friends because they found it hard to express how they felt, so here I am, sharing my experiences, my dark times and my fight with depression through a song that could be heard all over the world. Hopefully, I’m doing them proud.”

Recorded with Andy Lawson of Debaser Studio and mastered by William Bowden, Knock Knock is the kind of song that will stay with the audience long after their first listen. We all know someone who has struggled with mental health – or have struggled ourselves – so Knock Knock will hopefully come as a comfort, a song to turn to in hard times, as Ben reflects on the mood ahead of the release, “We definitely have a mixture of emotions going on with releasing Knock Knock, that’s for sure. We’re all super excited but also so so nervous. This track is a bit of a heavier track from the stuff that we have released prior to this, so we aren’t too sure how the fans will take it – honestly, though, this one is probably a bit of a ‘step-up’ from our other stuff, and we are so excited to see how it’s received.”

US alt-pop singer and songwriter MOTHICA continues her meteoric rise with the release of new single Casualty out now via Rise Records/BMG.

Reflecting on the single, MOTHICA shares, “On the way to the studio, I was thinking about how many things in my life were set up to destroy me. Like, alcoholism and depression that runs in my family. I suffer from both, and I really hate the idea of either of these things being the reason I give up on life. With over two years sober, this song was an empowered response, that I didn’t want to let these inherited destructive diseases control me anymore. A promise to not die by suicide or drug overdose, which was a very real trajectory for me in the past. It’s one of those songs that just sets my soul on fire in the best way.”

Just weeks after MINISTRY’s latest album Moral Hygiene was added to many “best of 2021” year-end lists, Al Jourgensen and co. are sharing the latest taste of the record with the new track Believe Me alongside a warped psychedelic video that will have viewers questioning just what to think or feel (a clear nod to the times we are living in now).

The video was a departure from the two previously released professional videos from the album and became a total DIY effort, with each of the band members (also including drummer Roy Mayora, guitarists Cesar Soto and Monte Pittman, bassist Paul D’Amour and keyboardist John Bechdel) gearing up for the upcoming tour at home and purchasing an inexpensive green screen to contribute their parts to the performance footage that was then melded together. MINISTRY hopes to encourage other artists to do the same during these difficult times when budgets are tight and still have fun with the creative process.

Perth-based singer-songwriter Helen Shanahan has announced her new single Canvas, an emotional and vulnerable track about allowing oneself to be completely taken over by another person, out now. The soulful artist has also released a powerful video to accompany the track, following the life of a young girl as she grows up, learning to lessen herself to suit others, made in collaboration with filmmaker and photographer Jane Tionowidjaja. Canvas is just a taste of what is to come ahead of the release of Helen’s new album of the same name, to be released on March 4. Helen will be celebrating the album with a local launch show at Night Owl Studio in Morley, WA on March 5.

Canvas is evocative of Ladies of the Canyon-era Joni Mitchell, Kacey Musgraves, and Australian superstar Missy Higgins – what Helen shares with these impressive women is an innate understanding of song writing – how to weave a story and set it to the perfect melody, the most poignant chords. She’s at her best on Canvas; soft, acoustic guitar travels steadily beneath her unique, buttery voice. Canvas is quite a sad song, but introspective, reflective as well – like a person in their 30s may look back on their behaviour during their late teens. Speaking about the song, Helen says, “The single was inspired by a theme from a song writing group (I Heart Song writing Club) I joined in 2018. The theme was ‘lessons’, and it made me think about how I learnt to make myself small and essentially a doormat for a particular group of people. The song brought up lots of mixed emotions, as it unravelled how that relationship effected my adult life and how I had to ‘unlearn’ my feelings of low self-esteem and worth.”

The video for Canvas encapsulates this inspiration perfectly. The viewer follows a young girl – eventually, a young woman – who has learnt to make herself small to suit the people in her life. The video demonstrates the sadness that follows, and the confusion that occurs when you’ve spent so long making other people happy you’re not quite sure how to do it for yourself, as the clip’s director Jane Tionowidjaja explains, “The music video revolves around the concept of what it means ‘to be’ and how we become a summation of our own life experiences. It’s what we learn over time but also what we decide to tolerate when we relate to those we love.”

For the first time ever, multi-million selling and streaming rock band Simple Plan has teamed up with Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley on a brand new single. The two powerhouses have come together on the anthemic Ruin My Life.

“Ruin My Life is a song about overcoming adversity, going through a difficult life situation, and not only surviving it, but becoming an even stronger and more resilient version of yourself because of it,” the band shares. “It’s fun, catchy, energetic and empowering and we’re so excited to share it with our fans. Having Deryck from Sum 41 sing on it with us makes it even more special!”

‘Mr Experience’. ‘Konichiwa’. ‘Santorini’. These songs represent just a small taste of the enigma that is Donny Benét. The Sydney-based composer – hailed and panned by critics as “Prince on a serious budget cut” – returns with a new single and video, Le Piano. An intoxicatingly groovy instrumental piece paying homage to, and influenced by, Benét’s love of funk, city pop and disco. Le Piano arrives alongside the announcement of the Le Piano EP – an instrumental project out April 1, via Dot Dash Recordings / Remote Control Records.

Composed and recorded entirely by himself at the renowned Donnyland Studios in 2021, Le Piano sees Benét masterfully utilise vintage synthesisers and drum machines to present his views on life, love and relationships through the power of song. Of the project, Donny shares: “I wanted to create a short EP of instrumentals reflective of the music that has helped me navigate touring life, and life at home for the past years. For me, I really enjoy the headspace that instrumental music can put you in. You can listen to it in any environment with any degree of commitment. It can be something you listen to on the train, plane, something to have on while you’re doing your chores, working from home, working out or just something to bop along to. As mentioned in past interviews I’m very taken by Japanese artists Hiroshi Yoshimura, Yoshio Suzuki and Ryuichi Sakamoto. Side B of the record is influenced by the effect that these artists have had on my musical approach. Side A is a tip of the hat my love of 12′ funk/city pop/disco instrumentals.”

Off the back of a breakout 2021, multi-ARIA award-winning Ghanaian-Australian artist Genesis Owusu shares the music video for Black Dogs!, taken from his globally acclaimed debut album, Smiling With No Teeth. The visual arrives ahead of Owusu’s back to back headline tours of Australia and the US over March and April.

Produced by Matt Corby, Black Dogs! is a forceful, grunge-driven cut that formed the tenth track of Smiling With No Teeth. Owusu, who recently made his U.S. late night television debut on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (watch here), says of the striking video, “I really wanted to capture the tension and the rising chaos of the song in video form, and Daniela Federici (director) knew how to bring that energy in spades, but also in a really artful way.”

Owusu also notes of the track, “It’s a straight-to-the-point song encompassing a day in the life of me, or just any Black person in Australia. It’s not that I’m getting abused by police every day, but it’s all the little microaggressions. Sonically speaking, it plays into how I feel every day, going into white spaces and feeling a bit paranoid.”

Continuing the momentum from their highly-celebrated, ARIA-nominated sophomore album, Yesteryear, and recent single and video, Titanic, Cosmo’s Midnight return with Can’t Do Without (My Baby), out via Sony Music (Australia), RCA Records (USA) & Black Butter Records (UK).

Starting off with a vibrant guitar riff, interweaved with an infectiously catchy hook sampled from 1970s American soul singer Tommy Tate’s I Can’t Do Enough For You Baby, the duo set the summertime vibes alight with their latest effervescent masterpiece. Can’t Do Without (My Baby) continues the pair’s slam dunk run of singles and collaborations across 2021, incorporating palettes of electronic and funk production, and jumping between horns, soothing synth pads and tropical drum breaks. Opening with the discovery of the single in the depths of a vinyl store, the music video directed by Harry Scott follows the separate journeys of a group of friends as they navigate vibrant streets to meet at an underground DJ set, by the twins themselves. Capturing the euphoria of friendship, good music, and a city day with endless possibilities, the story unfolds as the perfect visual partner.

Cosmo’s Midnight say of the track, “It’s strange how people can be nostalgic for eras they’ve never experienced, for ‘Can’t Do Without (My Baby)’ we wanted to capture the feel of coming of age at the turn of the millennium (even though we were just lil babies at the time) when house music was in its golden age. It was celebratory and ecstatic, which is something we really try to bring out in our tunes. This song is really a celebration of that, which feels especially poignant to us, as we all emerge from 24 months of self reflection, isolation and anxiety.”

After setting TikTok on fire (again) with only a teaser, hyperpop singer and songwriter Peach PRC unveils her anxiously awaited new single God Is A Freak.

Peach PRC shared a short snippet of the track, and it incited a flurry of activity with fans, resulting in more than 60 million views and 5 million likes so far on TikTok of God Is A Freak content. Peach also attracted the attention of various pop music titans, such as Billie Eilish, and Finneas who tweeted about God Is A Freak saying, “This song is so so so good.”

Regarding the song, Peach PRC said, “I’ve been doing this ‘god making —’ TikTok video series for a while where I simplify the absurdities of “god’s creations” and how the intentions behind his actions make no sense, it’s something I’ve always questioned. I found it frustrating when I went to a Christian college and sat through testimonials about how the youth leader’s mum prayed for a certain type of carpet for her new house and God rewarded her with it, meanwhile there are children impoverished globally and “God” doesn’t seem to bother.”

She goes on, “I also remember purity culture being a big thing. The first time I was ‘slut shamed’ was at 12-years-old inside a church during youth group for the clothes I was wearing. This song is for everyone who has felt shamed, dirty, impure, wrong, unloved and unworthy because of beliefs upheld by the church. Whether you are a believer in God or not, you are worthy of feeling liberation.”

Rapidly rising Australian punk stars Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers have officially unleashed a new video for their knockout single Miss Your Birthday. Meanwhile the band are also announcing updated details for their Miss Your Birthday single tour including venue upgrades in Melbourne (Corner Hotel) and Sydney (Mary’s Underground).

The news comes shortly after the band nabbed a slot during triple j’s Hottest 100 countdown for their equally-knockout single AHHHH! last month (#117).

In the Miss Your Birthday clip, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers – comprising Anna Ryan (vocals/guitar), Scarlett McKahey (guitar/vocals), Jaida Stephenson (bass) and Neve van Boxsel (drums) find themselves in detention and missing vocalist Anna’s birthday. From the costuming and staging to the girls’ performance alongside a cameo from Slowly Slowly’s Ben Stewart, this is one of the group’s most impressive and fun music videos to date.

On the video, Scarlett adds:
“The ‘Miss Your Birthday’ video is a big bowl full of all our favourite things! The bright colours with the lil punk schoolgirl skirts are the two sides of Teen Jesus, so it’s amazing to see them on screen for the first time! The storyline follows Neve, Jaida and Scarlett who are stuck in Detention being yelled at by their teacher (Ben Stewart from Slowly Slowly) and are missing Anna’s birthday party. The video was directed by Kyle Caulfield, who aimed to keep the story fairly loose but very visually encapsulating. We had the best time with Kyle and his team and are so excited to finally share our first real music video.”

The Devil Wears Prada – Mike Hranica [vocals], Jeremy DePoyster [vocals, guitar], Mason Nagy [bass], Kyle Sipress [guitar], Jonathan Gering [keys, synthesizers], and Giuseppe Capolupo [drums] — have shared the video for the brand new song Watchtower. The song embodies everything Revolver recently said about the band: “The Devil Wears Prada have proven time and time again that it’s possible to never stop sonically experimenting… and never lose their own crushing identity.”

“The idea of this song is about a person being intentionally difficult even though happiness wants to find him/her,” Hranica says, giving the listener a deeper insight into the powerful subject matter. “In handling my own mental health struggles, I’ve found that I oftentimes never choose contentment on a fundamental basis: almost like I’ve skipped Step One. The narrator of ‘Watchtower’ is afraid to approach Step One and instead flees to perceive his/her life as a sort of passive overlooker instead.”

Trophy Eyes have released their first new music of 2022 with Nobody Said, another look into what is to come for the band and their next album.

Lead singer and songwriter, John Floreani, shares on the release “Nobody Said is an inward self-reflection at the height of my substance abuse and self destruction. In pure desperation and genuine fear of being sober, I found myself, for weeks at a time, floating between friends and strangers doing everything in my power to stay numb. Eventually, when the drugs stopped working and friends stopped answering their phones, I was alone; behind me a path of destruction. I remember an overwhelming feeling of truth that came to me in an image of the scared and confused little boy I’d refused to mature from, and the falsified hopes and dreams instilled in me by my mother. My future was supposed to be bright, but this was anything but.”

Japanese genre-blenders Crossfaith channel rock, metal, rap and grime on their new single Gimme Danger (ft. ralph), out nowvia UNFD alongside a new music video.

Speaking of the song, frontman Kenta Koie says:

“We decided to write new music to heal people and boost their minds. We still can’t play live, but we can deliver new music to our fans and I’m pretty sure that is our role under these circumstances,” he shares, adding that the vocal feature of grime-inspired local rapper ralph brought both an energy, intensity and chemistry to the song.

“On ‘Gimme Danger’ we welcome ralph, an upcoming rapper who has the essence of grime. We feel a real chemistry, and our fans can catch new feelings with it. Those moments where people have a new experience are more important than just making music – we want to achieve something which we haven’t figured out already, so our exploring will keep going.”

Bella Taylor Smith, Australian vocal powerhouse and most recently crowned winner of The Voice Australia for 2021, shares the video for breath taking new single, Nice To Know Ya, a deeply emotive and honest song about having a moment of broken trust with someone you love.

“Nice To Know Ya’ is a celebration of moving forward and making choices for the betterment of yourself and those you love, through self-reflection and honesty. I really feel like the music video captures the spirit of the song, the beauty of choosing the best for yourself and abandoning any bitterness that could get in the way. It’s joy and progress!” says Bella of the video.

Written by Bella and Josh Cole and produced by Josh Cole and Scott Horscroft at The Grove Studios in Mangrove, Nice To Know Ya is a soulful pop track with hypnotically welcoming vocals inspired by the likes of H.E.R., Adele and YEBBA.

We all process broken trust differently- whether it’s between family, friends or romantic partners – each of us are likely to respond in our own unique way. Nice To Know Ya explores differing journeys/choices the listener may face in deciding the best way forward from that moment of broken trust. “If you want to continue to make something work knowing it won’t be easy, or if you want to turn around and say nice to know ya, no choice is bad, it’s just what’s right for you.” explains Bella.

“I really hope this song allows you a safe place to process your feelings and come to a conclusion or reconciliation that is best for you! that you can walk through the relationships in your life with confidence, knowing you are loved and valuable no matter your relationship status or how others treat you! you’ve got this!” says Taylor Smith of the track.

Fresh from the release of their 2021 EP CHRONICLES I: LUST, Void Of Vision continue to take fans on a journey of twists and turns with the release of their forward-thinking new single DOMINATRIX. Arguably their most adventurous song to date, DOMINATRIX takes the listener on a journey between crushing heaviness and light, ethereal vocals.

“The process began with that simple chorus vocal hook and ended up with our most adventurous attempt at a piece of work yet. I have never written, or attempted to pen a ‘love song’ before but this one just came extremely easily to me,” says Void Of Vision vocalist Jack Bergin. “The lyricism of ‘DOMINATRIX’, while quite foreign within a Void Of Vision song, is really complimented here by the track’s pace, flaunting a certain urgency, a longing for excitement and stimulation.”

Of its new music also out today, Jack adds: “The pre-production title for this track was funnily enough ‘niteclub’ so I think that the music video idea was always planted in my brain from the get go. Despite several obstacles hindering shoot day, including myself only leaving hospital the night before and a fire engine call out within the first 30 seconds of shooting, it all came out exactly how we envisioned which we were so happy with.

“I really dialled in on the producer role for this video and I think it really gave me a LOT more confidence to take the idea of that role even further in the future. I really hope it puts people in the mindset we were in while creating this, and pushes forward a side of Void Of Vision that people haven’t particularly been introduced to properly yet. There’s a lot more where this came from that definitely pushes the envelope of the idea of VOV as a collective.”

Multiple GRAMMY-nominated, chart-topping rap superstar Jack Harlow is back with his new single, Nail Tech, out everywhere via Generation Now/Atlantic Records. The bombastic song arrives alongside a colourful companion visual co-directed by Frank Borin (Lil Nas X, Cardi B) and Jack himself. The song features background vocals from Louisville, KY personality C-Tez, who appears in the music video, as well. “Nail Tech” made its broadcast premiere on MTV Live, MTVU and the ViacomCBS Times Square billboard.

Nail Tech marks the first solo song from the Louisville-bred rapper since the release of his critically acclaimed, RIAA Platinum-certified debut album THATS WHAT THEY ALL SAY in December 2020.

The new single arrives a day after Harlow was announced as the latest brand ambassador for New Balance. “I have been rocking New Balance since I was a kid, so to officially join the brand in this way is really exciting,” says Jack. “I’ve always loved the 990 and recently the Joe Fresh Goods 993 and collabs with the 550’s have been fire. I’m excited to peek behind the curtain and work with the brand more.”

GRAMMY-nominated R&B star Mahalia has returned with her brand new single, Letter To Ur Ex – available now globally, via Atlantic Records.

Following on from previous releases Whenever You’re Ready and Roadside – of which the latter featured global rap sensation, AJ Tracey – Letter To Ur Ex offers a more retrospective side of Mahalia, fusing her knowledge and experience with maturation. Exploring, understanding and accepting every part of herself, Mahalia has taken her growth and merged it with her foundations; she has twisted her bases.

“I wrote ‘Letter to ur ex’ the morning after me and my guy had had a really bad argument due to a text that had been sent by his ex partner the night before. I think when everybody begins a new relationship, it’s vital that it feels like a fresh start. Like everything before doesn’t really matter and the next journey begins now with only the two of you. I realised through this experience that isn’t always the case. But, really, I just wanted to tell her how her actions were making me feel. How her gain in closure was my loss in love. And though I am also a woman who has felt all of those feelings before, I wanted to ask her to let him go so that I could hold him close. To close their old door so that I could open our new one.” – Mahalia states of the track.

HOOKS is an intriguing new electronic project packed with tasty hooks and a delightful swirling menagerie of influences, from Latin-American rhythms, disco, lounge, jazz, indie and pop. With summer written all over it, Forever is an infectious blend of hip-swaying Latin rhythms, horns, synths, and punchy beats. Recorded with NZ-born, LA-based producer Simon Oscroft; mixed by the award-winning Simon Gooding and mastered by the prolific London-based John Davis (who’s worked with the likes of Dua Lipa, U2, Years & Years); the song is all about: “finding somebody that’s patient, somebody who cares enough about you to allow you the opportunity to relax around them.” (explain Hooks)

Forever serves as the perfect introduction to HOOKS and their hyper-stylized world, which shines through on the song’s mesmerising video, made by Mardo El Noor.

“The video inhabits a visual world where meticulously staged domestic vignettes are frozen in time or stuck in a loop forever, which is a reference to how the concept of time doesn’t apply to moments of realising you’re deeply and irrationally in love with someone or something.”

“Mardo’s intention was to use looping stereo-graphs as a visual device that captures these forever moments; the good, the bad, and the crazy. Depicting scenes of pure hedonism and over-indulgence, ‘Forever’ attempts to construct a loose narrative of what would happen to someone’s world if impulses were left unchecked.”

Hitting the ground running in 2022, Melbourne based duo DUBBEL DROP are back. Following up their 2021 disco-house infused, breakout release ‘Ecstasy’ with the latest offering of their own brand of “super good, fun time, house music” in Back 2 U!

Dropping their debut single Mighty Knight to an overwhelming response locally and across the globe, their second offering Ecstasy copped even more love; running up Australia’s ARIA Club Chart peaking at #2 for multiple weeks. The hit track clocked up a stack of profile radio spins from the likes of: triple j, BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM (UK)and can still be heard across the TV, radio and online Ad campaign for McDonald’s Australia. The duo also released remixes for Friendless, Sgt Slick and Beks, which all showcased further sonic diversity and dance floor prowess from the guys.

Taking some lush gospel samples and working them into a well-crafted dance floor weapon, ‘Back 2 U’ is sure to get everyone moving. Pumping energy, through heaving percussion, rising synths and an organ led melody throughout, their throwback filtered house influences are taken into new realms. Dubbel Drop explain: “We approached this production, simply by imagining what it may sound like, if Ye decided to make a French house record…” well, this is the result!

Keeping the Summer vibes rolling on Be Rich Records, FRIENDLESS is back for 2022 stronger than ever, with this funking vocal house groove: Left 2 Right, featuring the stunning vocals of Singer / Songwriter BIANCA!

Armed with a back catalogue of certified bangers under his belt (and a penchant for a good party) FRIENDLESS knows how to bring the House vibes. Coming straight off the back of his most recent single Rush (ft. Ché Savage) which garnered huge support and plays across the globe, with big props from the likes of: Annie Mac, Rudimental, Sam Feldt, Pat Lok, Golf Clap and Vanilla Ace to name a few. Most recently, his early 2021 weapon Drip with the inimitable JANNAH BETH, was selected by local Aussie legends THE JUNGLE GIANTS as a winner of the Smirnoff ‘Ads For Artists’ campaign – which is now heard alongside some of the latest advertising for Smirnoff in Australia.

Manchester-based artist HEART OF GOLD has released their newest single and video, Bright Lights via SharpTone Records. With transitional themes of dwelling on the past, heartbreak, longing, and acceptance, vocalist Michael McGough reaches for the hand of those who are attempting to navigate their own story’s plot twists. Notes of reminiscing accompany this piece’s overwhelming feeling of moving on and by the end, the idea of starting over doesn’t seem so hard to stomach.

“Bright Lights is a conversation I have with myself about holding on to the reminder of what’s to come,” McGough says on the new track. “Whether it’s leaving a relationship or losing someone yet allowing myself time to grieve while simultaneously focusing on moving forward. Lyrically it demonstrates that despite growing and moving on, you’re still hit with flashes from the past, but you use it to ready yourself for better things.”

Florence + the Machine surprise drops new track King. A meditation on womanhood, family, femininity and the subverting of expectations that makes a personal manifesto in transcending gender-defined roles into a cast-iron, crowd-searing festival-uniting call to arms in which she declares: “I am no mother, I am no bride – I am king”.

Being a woman artist, and one who performs provides its own conflict as to how to thrive and continue along the same path that male artists whose stars keep ascending, whose path to success is unimpeded by biology. In her mid-30s, these are the contradictions Florence is grappling with.

“As an artist, I never actually thought about my gender that much. I just got on with it. I was as good as the men and I just went out there and matched them every time. But now, thinking about being a woman in my 30s and the future… I suddenly feel this tearing of my identity and my desires. That to be a performer, but also to want a family might not be as simple for me as it is for my male counterparts. I had modelled myself almost exclusively on male performers, and for the first time I felt a wall come down between me and my idols as I have to make decisions they did not.”

Fresh from the announce that their visionary third album Up In The Air Forever is dropping in April, Ocean Grove are serving up another injection of high octane creative juice direct from the belly of the Oddworld™. SEX DOPE GOLD single and video release further exemplifies the inspired vision and creative intellect of the album and its makers.

“Contrary to the abundant messaging we unconsciously receive daily through pop culture, television and advertising to embrace and satisfy our sensory urges, ‘SEX DOPE GOLD’ is the antithesis to this “norm”,” says Ocean Grove of the track.

“This song speaks of the trap we sometimes fall into in the material world: insatiable material consumption, addiction to sensory gratification and the inflation of the false ego. Ultimately, these temporary and reactionary experiences are merely an illusory escape route from the uncomfortable and unknown. If the ending of Scarface tells us anything, it is that the pursuit for sex, money and power may not turn out the way we’d hope and that it’s a vacuous pursuit. Let your ears be your eye and see your world’s truth on a platter.”

Last month, prolific metalcore progressives ERRA announced the deluxe version of their latest self-titled album will drop March 18 via UNFD.

The band has shared the visualiser for its unexpected yet unforgettable cover of Muse’s Stockholm Syndrome. ERRA put its own DNA-distinct stamp on the track and the accompanying visualiser takes fans through a labyrinth of twists and turns.

“The first time I heard Muse’s ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, I thought, ‘This song is begging to be covered by a metal band,'” shares guitarist and clean vocalist Jesse Cash about the impetus for choosing to interpret this song. “It has aggressive riffs, soaring vocals, keyboard arpeggios, and a big ending breakdown. It has all the necessary materials to be contextualised into an ERRA song.”

He continues, “The chromatic guitar octaves in the verses also left me a lot of room to play with some chromatic groove riffs in the style of Meshuggah. I realised as long as I maintained the root notes of those original octaves, I could kind of be as creative as I wanted during those verses. I also adjusted the original tuning from Drop D to Drop E and tuned the guitar down an entire octave to make the song low, heavy, and more akin to the range ERRA generally tunes in.”

Diamond-selling recording act AWOLNATION announced the tracklisting for their upcoming covers project My Echo, My Shadow, My Covers and Me. The album includes collaborations with Beck, Jewel, Portugal. The Man and more.

The album, which is set for a May 6, 2022 global release, is a fiercely collaborative and celebratory project, a collection of masterfully crafted and carefully curated covers, with each track featuring at least one acclaimed musical artist with whom AWOLNATION’s founder Aaron Bruno has a personal connection. After crossing paths over the years at festivals and other shows, the band joined forces with Tim McIlrath of Rise Against to give a futuristic, raw, and gritty twist to the 1987 Midnight Oil classic.

A hypnotic and visually stunning animated music video was also unveiled today to accompany the Beds Are Burning release. Showcasing a series of futuristic funky visuals, it amplifies the next-generation approach to the reimagining of the song. The credits for the project are as follows: Directed and Edited by Jason Michael Hall, CG Assets; Editing and Compositing: Gingerbear Haus Studio Motion Capture Performance; Actors: Aaron Bruno and Jason Michael Hall.

Marking today’s release, Bruno gave a statement on what this song means to him, “Ever since I was much younger, I would sing along to this song. The singer may have the coolest dance moves in music video history. I think this song speaks for itself in terms of the message and meaning of the song. I was excited that Tim from Rise Against performed on this one in particular, given the power and influence his lyrics and music have had for so many years.”

McIlrath said of the collaboration, “When I met Aaron years ago at one of our shows at the Coliseum in L.A., he disclosed his past time spent in hardcore bands, and we bonded over that. I’ve always been a fan of his, both as a person and his music, so it was an easy decision to guest on his version of Midnight Oil’s ‘Beds Are Burning.’ It didn’t hurt that I also love the song and all it stands for. I’m really impressed with the ways in which he made it his own because it’s not an easy song to reimagine.”

Originally recorded by Midnight Oil, drummer Rob Hirst gave their stamp of approval, stating, “A tough new light on our old song! The whistle near the end is a deft touch…congrats AWOLNATION and Tim on doing a brilliant job!”

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