The Soul Movers Release Brand New Single “Superstar” (Groupie)

The Soul Movers’ sparkling new single, Superstar (Groupie) features Murray Cook on not only acoustic guitar, but mandolin, electric, and bass guitar…

A Hot Potato Studio production, with Wiggles engineer, Alex Keller, with Don Bartley mastering, have worked together to create a version of The Carpenters mega-hit Superstar that conjures the glamour and satin of the seventies but also brings in an earthy depth with acoustic strings and sumptuous harmonies…

Washing over listeners like a luscious summer wave, the Little Quirks’ blood-harmonies soothe and linger, supporting Lizzie Mack’s centred vocal – a more calm and potent voice than we have heard from this Soul Mover in some time. Luke Herbert – who played on the very same kit drummer Hal Blaine used on Superstar during his many years in the US – unites the combination of earth and air, expansion and limitation – the version turning out to be much more than what The Soul Movers could have imagined.

“OG Red Wiggle, Murray Cook, actually now prefers it to The Carpenters version – and that’s something we never thought possible – having loved it so much and for so long.” – Lizzie Mack (The Soul Movers).

“I feel like our Superstar (Groupie) cover combines our love of retro sound. It stretches over the three generations of music makers involved in making it – all equally passionate about the sounds of the 1970s, aesthetics and the ultra-sheik vibes of an era that really, knew no bounds.” – Murray Cook (The Soul Movers/ OG Wiggles)

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